Elevated Bungalow House with Contemporary Features

Normally, purchasing a house can either be economical or expensive. Unquestionably, the type of house depends on the family’s financial capacity.  In spite of the country’s economic situation right now, every family does their best efforts to have their own house. Anyhow, here is one design that will turn your heads on. Take a look at this elevated bungalow house with contemporary features composed of two bedrooms secured by a prominent cross hip roof.
Picture of Elevated Bungalow House with Contemporary Features

When we speak of contemporary concepts, we mean modern houses with clean lines inside and outside the structure and spaces. The house in feature is a contemporary design whose charm and elegance are defined by the exterior concepts. In fact, it will be a smart idea if you can consider this house an inspiration because of its excellent features.
Picture of Elevated Bungalow House with Contemporary Features

Description of Elevated Bungalow House with Contemporary Features

A house constructed in an elevated scheme always delivers a better aesthetic appeal. In fact, this concept brings the house to stand taller which registers a better personality. Additionally, the entire exterior facade clearly looks very clean and refined. Similarly, the use of a single color of grey works excellently in this particular design.
Picture of Elevated Bungalow House with Contemporary Features
This featured model house definitely shines with pride which offers the following characteristics:

  • refined exterior façade that glows in a pleasant and cool grey paint
  • elevated and comfortable porch and terrace with grey marble tiles and steel railings
  • wall-sized sliding glass doors with sidelites in grey aluminum casements
  • wall-sized glass window facades in grey aluminum frames installed on all elevations
  • exterior wall claddings in grey shade
  • a concrete exterior wall around the structure with mineral plaster finish in grey color
  • cross hip roof assembly with grey tegula tiles
  • inviting and spacious greyish driveway and walkway
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Floor Plan and House Specifications

House Specifications
This model plan looks gorgeous and elegant in its architectural details carrying a contemporary theme. Standing in an elevated scheme, the house delivers sophistication and refinement. This is visible from the materials used, assembly and construction.  The most significant concept of this residence is the use of big-sized glasses from door to window facades that shower the interior with plenty of light and air for ventilation. A very comfortable house, it offers the following specifications:

  • porch and terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom

Floor Plan

Undoubtedly, the design looks very impressive with the terrace and overhung porch creating a perfect entrance. The big-sized sliding glass doors lead to the spacious living room. The design features the combined dining space and kitchen sitting comfortably in front of the living room. On the other hand, the two bedrooms occupy the right section of the plan. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom settles on the right corner at the back beside the kitchen. Additionally, an informal diner awaits on the outside for informal meals and coffee where necessary.

Exceptionally, this unit simply bursts in grey shade used in the entire house. Indeed, a cool and dynamic residence every household would love to have.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu


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