Elevated One Storey House Design

One storey houses provide more flexibility in planning than multi-level homes. This is because of their being more functional in nature. Similarly, they engage in free-flowing concepts which improve movement and suitability. In fact, modern residences like this elevated one storey house design become more popular nowadays because of the features they offer.
Picture of Elevated One Storey House Design

Actually, this elevated one storey house design offers the following advantages: proficient utilization of space, plenty of light to offer and aesthetically appealing design. Moreover, this type of house also delivers more space for customization and at the same time is environmental-friendly.
Picture of Elevated One Storey House Design

Description of Elevated One Storey House Design with Shed Roof

The design in feature is a contemporary house plan that looks simple yet very stylish in a blend of bright and soft colors. In fact, the overall exterior façade shines excellently in a fusion of cream, grey, and accents of blue and orange colors.  Furthermore, the architectural details are clean and refined that defines grace and elegance.
Picture of Elevated One Storey House Design
The residence is elevated from the natural grade line that allows the unit to stand higher for a better appeal. The hinged glass door and glass window panels in white aluminum frames are smart concepts for ventilation of the interior. Moreover, the front façade as well bursts with a prominent column on the porch with accents of natural stones in a grey tone. Consequently, this adds strength and pride to the house. Meanwhile, the multiple assemblies of shed style roof look great that bring the house to a higher level.
Picture of Elevated One Storey House Design
Meanwhile, the exterior walls are in with mineral plaster finish in a grey shade. The addition of a little accent of orange on the top and bottom perimeters is eye-catching and defines uniqueness.  Likewise, the elevations are have with sufficient window panels in appropriate locations which are great in supplying enough air for the ventilation of the interior of the building.

Design Concepts

The porch looks dominant with a rectangular column accentuated with grey natural cultured stones in grey shade. On the other hand, the flooring offers a warm appeal in a light brown tone.

The living room looks great and clean with light grey floor marble tiles and cream interior walls and ceilings. The recessed ceilings also register an additional charm to the interior design of the house.

To deliver a different style, the bedroom utilizes blue shade interior walls that offer the same level of grace as the other rooms. The ceilings though look so tidy in cream paint.

Elsewhere, the bathroom complements the beauty of the house with grey mosaic interior walls and gray and white floor tiles. The accessories and fixtures are of great choice and quality.

Features and House Specifications

As can be seen, this elevated one storey house design looks stunning with the following specifications:

  • elevated porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • outside parking space
  • garden and landscaping

To sum up, this house that exudes grace is ready to offer lots of health benefits.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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