Starbucks Property for Sale- Detail Overview

Starbucks Property for Sale

Starbucks has recently unveiled their plans to sell a number of their properties worldwide. The sale will include a mix of restaurant locations & other properties.

When most individuals look to purchase a house, one of the first things they ask – and should ask – is whether the property will have substantial long-term appreciation and value.

To make a wise selection while purchasing a property, one must consider both the short-term and long-term possibilities of the surrounding neighborhood. What does it look like today, and how will it seem in the future?

Now, Starbucks is widely recognized as the industry leader. But what in the world does Starbucks have to do with the property? Allow me to fill you in on the specifics.

How did Starbucks go on the track?

After twenty years of steady growth, Starbucks presumably felt confident that nothing could stop the company’s meteoric rise. After reaching the 7,000 store milestone and expanding into over a dozen international markets, they may have let their pride grow more prominent than their money account.

Could it have been a case of corporate haughtiness? Perhaps.

As a way to prove they were more than “just coffee,” Starbucks started its record label in 2003. A few years later, they won many Grammys.

Value rises in localities with Starbucks coffee shops tend to be substantial. However, it is good knowledge that correlation does not imply causality.

Starbucks is contributing to rather than reacting to these rising property prices.

They consider several factors, such as the number of people, the average income level of the neighborhood, and the amount of foot traffic in the area, before choosing to build a new shop there.

That their intended clientele is there and ready to make a purchase is a top priority.

That’s nice, but how would it play out in practice?

Historically, in regions where a Starbucks has opened within a quarter of a mile, real estate has risen in value. Ten years ago, the average sale price of a property in the United States within walking distance of a Starbucks property for sale was $137,000. On average, a house not near a Starbucks would have sold for $102,000.

On to the present day. The national median house price has risen by 65 percent to $168,000. But the property next to Starbucks has done even better, increasing in value by 96% to $269,000.

Considerations Before Opening a Starbucks Franchise

According to the Starbucks Principle, if a new Starbucks property for sale is being constructed in the region, or a substantial expansion/remodel of an existing Starbucks is taking place, it is an excellent location to purchase for the long run.

Additionally, if you see that ubiquitous green logo, you can rest sure that the current value is substantial and that future growth is also likely.

So, why would a coffee shop affect the price of your home? Consider it a cheat sheet for information and research purposes.

Businesses with the resources of Starbucks may spend significant amounts of time and energy researching topics like population growth, disposable income, and economic development.

Before making substantial investments in a new area, a company of this size should gather as much information as possible on the site’s population, economy, and future outlook.

They have many outside parties, including commercial real estate brokers and developers, interested in working with them. They need a substantial quantity of data supporting sales and development prospects of the region to acquire or lease there. All this is used to ensure that shops are located in prime locations.

As many loyal customers as Starbucks has, it’s only natural that some Americans have developed a strong distaste for the multinational corporation that Starbucks has become.

A new or remodeled Starbucks location won’t be built until the numbers for local disposable income, population growth, and company expansion back it up. However, sometimes just having a Starbucks property for sale in the neighborhood is enough to spur more development.

Stores in the surrounding region take note when Starbucks opens a location, and they often relocate there.

Although buying a home just because a Starbucks is moving in or expanding there is not a good idea, being aware of such developments may save you time in your home search and help you and your real estate agent make more informed decisions.

The ideal way to choose a house is to plan on staying in it for a while and to know that its worth and resale price will remain relatively consistent regardless of whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market.

If you’re buying a Starbucks store, the Starbucks Principle may be a useful extra criterion since it can help gauge the neighborhood’s long-term stability. home hunting + coffee break = success!

Most consumers would have to put down a sum of money, as much as $250,000, to own a Starbucks franchise.

A franchisee’s location is also a significant consideration. You can find the most successful Starbucks franchisees in high-traffic locations like shopping centers and main thoroughfares. You’ll succeed in the coffee industry only if you know your stuff. You may check out if you are looking for starbucks property for sale.

Starbucks’s very profitable business franchise must meet the company’s stringent requirements. Working at Starbucks would be a great way to learn about the coffee industry, even if you have yet to gain any prior expertise.

There are a few considerations to consider if you’re considering opening a Starbucks franchise. You may start your own profitable Starbucks franchise requirements with a sizable initial expenditure and a visible location.

Can You Depict the Outcome of This Investment?

There are about 30,000 Starbucks locations worldwide, with over 15,000 in the United States as of 2019. Assuming you already have the money for a vehicle, franchising a Starbucks will cost you just that.

Company-owned locations outnumber Dunkin’ Brands, its next major rival, by more than a factor of three. In the United States, where there are presently 6,250 Starbucks locations, or around 41% of the global total.

While licensed Starbucks investors may expect to make a return from their investment, they will have little involvement in the store’s day-to-day operations. It costs at least $315,000 to operate a licensed Starbucks.

Starbucks franchise prices are available to people from all around the world, not only North Americans. The vast majority of Starbucks locations in Asia are franchises rather than company-owned. Franchisees with a single place make $120,000 annually, while those with twenty locations make $4.5 million.

How can I get started with my own Starbucks franchise?

Instead of franchise fees, you’ll have to shell out cash for a license. In the United States, the price of a Starbucks license is typically approximately $315,000.

You’ll need access to $700,000 in liquid assets to take advantage of this chance. We have a franchise test to help you decide whether We have a franchise test to help you decide whether buying a Starbucks franchise business is the correct move for you.

Many people would want to start a coffee shop because of the many benefits it may provide. You can go right by searching for a Starbucks coffee shop near me, whether your motivation is to provide clients with something special or to earn a profit from the sale of coffee.

A coffee shop’s start-up process requires careful thought and planning. The beginning is the most crucial expenditure when launching a coffee business.

Looking at the big picture while choosing a spot for your coffee business is essential. A long-term strategy for the coffee shop’s expansion is necessary.

Expansion strategies and customer acquisition tactics for a coffee business are detailed. Depending on location, layout, and coffee selection factors, a coffee shop’s start-up costs may range widely.

Keeping a coffee business open may be pricey due to operational expenses like staff wages and the price of supplies. The key to running a successful coffee business is planning its future.


It’s an excellent idea to hunt for your first home in close proximity to a Starbucks. The reality is that there are several opportunities for financial success in the real estate market. This publication has shown us that if you can purchase a home close to a Starbucks, you are likely to have made a wise investment.

The near-catastrophe at Starbucks should have taught us one thing: the value of concentration.

Investing in commercial real estate may be one of the most lucrative ventures, particularly if you’re willing to hold on to your property for an extended period.

Each Starbucks location must provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to its customers. Every one of our customers is important to us, and our baristas make it their mission to have conversations with them all.

In addition, we make sure each store’s aesthetic reflects the neighborhood it serves while being recognizably a Starbucks.

We are also pleased to announce that franchises are available in various countries. Franchisees share our enthusiasm for coffee and delivering the unique Starbucks Experience to their local communities.

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