Simple One Bedroom House Plan in 35 sq. m. Lot

Do you agree that there are real benefits to living in a small house?  Bigger houses are definitely impressive and offer better comfort when compared to simple homes. In reality, every one of us wants to experience living in a big house for lots of reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege. However, let us see how this simple one bedroom house plan in a 35.0 m² lot will fare in the taste of homeowners.
Picture of Simple One Bedroom House Plan in 35 m² Lot

If you are feeling stuck in your small house, please do realize that there are significant benefits that you can extract from a  smaller house that can bring to your family. In fact, a small house design saves you money that you can spare for other needs. Moreover, small units are easier to clean, can help build and strengthen relationships among family members and encourages you to live a simpler life.

Picture of Simple One Bedroom House Plan in 35 m² Lot

Description of Simple One Bedroom House Plan

The featured house is a modest design that stands in a 5.0 x 7.0 m² area in the middle of a garden lot. By simply looking at the location, you can imagine how cozy the place is being surrounded by a lovely garden and landscaping, which promotes healthy living. The exterior façade shines in a blend of cool colors of cream and brown. Though small in size, a simple elevated porch offers an additional character to the house. Additionally, the use of a glass door and few glass window panels in grey aluminum frames on appropriate locations are great sources of light and air to ventilate the interior of the structure.

The house has a straightforward design, maximized and organized space with rooms serving multiple functions.  Meanwhile, the exterior walls are with mineral plaster finish in grey paint in all elevations. One of the highlights of this model design is the terrace at the back elevation. In fact, this space can serve multiple functions – a space for relaxation, family entertainment, or a place for quick meals and coffee breaks. A shed roof assembly in grey sheets looks clean as it matches the character of the entire exterior façade. The walkway with crazy cut marble tiles and the tiled pavement on the perimeter offers an additional appeal to the house.
Picture of Simple One Bedroom House Plan in 35 m² Lot

House Specifications of Simple One Bedroom House Plan

The house stands out with finesse and style that includes the following elements:

  • small porch and a terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom

Floor Plan

A very simple and compact design, a small porch leads to the living room through a glass door. The combined space for the dining and kitchen settles at the left of the living room. The lone bedroom occupies the right corner at the back of the plan. Meanwhile, the bathroom and washroom sit in front of the bedroom. A garden in the front corner makes the house even lovelier.

Overall, at the end of the day, it’s not the size of your house that really matters, but what you fill it with and the happiness it brings to the family.
Credit to: Samphoas

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