Stylish Bungalow House with Bricks Wall Cladding

Houses do not only consider sizes, concepts, decorations, and beauty or freedom. It’s more on what it is made of, how it looks and the comfort it brings to the family. Of course, the cost really matters significantly. However, whatever shelter you have, every house is a precious possession for homeowners. We feature this stylish bungalow house that looks unique with bricks wall cladding. Let us check its features.
This house carries a touch of tradition with its style. In fact, with its concepts and setting, this could be a country home, a resort house, or a vacation house. The location is definitely serene which is good for families who are hunting for freedom and tranquility.
Picture of Stylish Bungalow House with Bricks Wall Cladding

Features of Stylish Bungalow House with Bricks Wall Cladding

The left elevation exudes modernism, while the right wing appears to be more traditional in concept. Nevertheless, the combination of concepts in a blend of grey and brown colors still delivers a pleasant and dynamic character.
It starts with a raised terrace with grey tiles and battens. The concept extends to the attached carport which also blows with attractive battens on the left side. The terrace and carport share a common flat roof where along with the battens beautify and secure the building at the same time.
Picture of Stylish Bungalow House with Bricks Wall Cladding
On the other hand, the right wing of the elevation is designed with bricks wall cladding in brown color that incredibly showcases a traditional touch and feel. Somehow, it offers an extra punch to the exterior’s strength.
Remarkably, this design provides frosted glass doors and windows that absorb and transmit tons of natural air and light to the inside to make it at a pleasant level. Likewise, with glass panels, the interior looks brighter and feels cozier.

Meanwhile, you will be enthralled with the neatness of the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in a versatile grey shade. Definitely, it complements well with the touch and looks of the entire elevation that creates an inviting atmosphere.
Certainly, the combination of flat and shed roof assemblies with brown gable though are graceful. With strong and elegant rooflines, the assembly simply blows astoundingly.

Specifications of Stylish Bungalow House with Bricks Wall Cladding

This home design features a floor plan with efficient use of space. Similarly, with an open layout, there is better accessibility and mobility among spaces. The usable space of 88.0 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.
You can access the interior space from the terrace through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies the great room that is airy and bright as tons of natural light and air penetrates through the glass. The living spaces occupy the left side, while the right section hosts the private zone. The master suite with a private ensuite sits on the front corner, while the secondary bedroom is on the opposite corner. Meanwhile, the attached inviting carport sits comfortably on the immediate left of the terrace.

The spacious outdoor living space showers this house with volumes of air that make it comfortable.
To sum up, with lovely landscaping, this will be a perfect place for a vacation who wants a serene atmosphere.
Image Credit: Num Chok House Style

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