Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts

Contemporary house designs take the development process of transformation of traditional homes into modern counterparts. This superb contemporary house plan with stunning exterior concepts reveals the evolution of housing technology over the past few decades. Check and appreciate its impressive features.

The present generation gives emphasis on contemporary designs which are the most common choices of most homebuyers. Actually, they offer the trendiest home styles because of their freedom to innovate and create entirely new concepts. This design will definitely win the hearts of many families.
Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts

Features of Superb Contemporary House Plan

You will appreciate the strong exterior impact of this design in a fusion of white, grey, and brown shades that lends a pleasant and striking character. Its overall character will really float by providing a lovely garden and landscaping.

The exterior façade of this design is dynamic and striking which defines prominence. It features a balcony designed with brown-colored stairs and grey marble tiles. The square pillars heightened by stone elements in brown color along with an extended hip roof don’t only secure the building but add an extra punch to the house’s aesthetic value.

Moreover, another eye-catching element of this design is the wall cladding with accents of natural stone elements on the corners of the elevation that exude uniqueness. The white moldings on the perimeter of stone elements are stylish and aesthetically appealing.
Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts
Meanwhile, you will be impressed with the tidiness of the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in telegrey shade. The base painted in pearl gentian blue offers a considerable match with the exposed exterior walls. It looks very clean and attractive.
Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts
Additionally, what makes this design brimming with character is the comfort level felt inside and outside of the residence. The airy surroundings shower tons of natural air to the interior that makes it pleasant. Likewise, it also features wall-to-wall sliding glass doors, which along with the glass windows absorb volume of light and air to allow cross ventilation of the inner spaces.  With much light and air, the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier.

This excellent design hosts a balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.
Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts

Design and Concepts of Superb Contemporary House Plan

As can be seen, this gorgeous home has a friendly exterior façade complemented by an elegant interior concept. Both sides communicate well considering the grace of concepts, color choice, and workmanship. The entire interior is elegant in a uniform cream tone. Certainly, the spaces shine outstandingly in tidy and refined workmanship.

The gorgeous main entrance: the balcony with accented pillars, steel seating, beautiful wall cladding, and sliding glass doors. These elements come together to create an elegant exterior.
Picture of Superb Contemporary House Plan with Magnificent Concepts
The balcony with steel seating.

The sophisticated living room looks graceful with grey marble tiles, tidy walls, and ceilings. Additionally, the elegant beamed ceilings shine excellently with chandelier and perimeter lighting.

The striking and modernized kitchen with striking and dynamic look considering the materials used and fixation. It looks comfortable with sufficient glass window panels.

The equally beautiful bathroom blows in pleasantness with a combination of soft grey, and brown tiles utilized in the entire space.

Indeed, an amazing house to have. What can you say about this house design?
Image Credit: Naibann

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