Living in a Townhouse – The Pros and Cons

It is said that home is where the heart is, thus, buying a home can be a formidable prospect. Actually, it is one of the precious investment of a family, therefore, be smart with the decision. There are so many aspects to consider. One of the first decisions is to identify what type of house to own. Will it be a house or a townhome? If you have considered living in a townhouse, there could a very important reason.
When it comes to buying a home, most people immediately think there are only a couple of options: an apartment/condo or single level house. But disregarding the feasibility of a townhome would be a huge disservice. Every family has an aspiration of owning a house and lot. Other people are looking into condominiums since it offers more modern conveniences. But have you considered investing in a townhouse? Townhomes for sale are available with many desirable qualities, but houses do as well. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of living in a townhouse as well as how are they different.
If you’ve never thought of living in a townhouse before, then most probably, you aren’t familiar with what makes them unique and at the same time desirable. Thus, for your convenience and reference, here is a handful of the advantages of townhomes. Check them out:

  1. Lower Cost of Maintenance

Typically, the common places within the land where the townhomes complex are built is owned jointly by a corporation of individual owners. One of the boundless things about owning a townhouse is that you normally get some yard in the front and back, but don’t have to maintain it. Most townhouse owners take care of external issues – like landscaping. In fact, that is something you certainly will not get if you are living in a single-family house.

  1. Location

Townhouses are usually situated in prime locations. Because they only take a small footprint of real estate, you can find most of these townhouses for sale in urban communities. While townhomes stay in the suburbs, they still tend to be situated in convenient locations. You might not find yourself in the middle of downtown’s most modern locality, but you can be sure that a townhome will put you near plenty of amenities – such as shopping malls, dining and restaurants, and entertainment.

  1. Sense of Belonging, Community and Security

Townhouse developments are normally in locations with gates and security where your neighbors could be your extra security. There’s something nice about being in a townhome community. Whereas single-family homeowners may only have a few neighbors within a few meters distance. Townhome owners have dozens of people within a stone’s throw. This makes it easier to develop a sense of belonging and community.

  1. Availability of Amenities and Services

Uniformity, simplicity, and accessibility are vital objectives in townhouse developments. As such, many of the services and amenities that you need will be part of the fee or purchase price. This may include services like pest control, HVAC inspections, and trash service, as well as amenities like swimming pools, exercise facilities, and even car washing stations.

Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse

Undoubtedly, there are benefits to call a townhouse home, but there are also reasons why people decide to purchase single-family homes instead. With that being said, let’s take a brief look at some of the disadvantages of townhomes.

  1. A lower level of Privacy

Clearly, one of the biggest concerns people have with townhouses is that you’re actually sharing a physical wall with neighbors on either side. This might not be a serious issue, but it could be problematic living next to people who have attitude problems. The small backyard might also be not as private as you would like to be. Unlike in a normal neighborhood, there is enough space for landscaping.

  1. Limited Freedoms

In townhouses, there could be a limit on the privilege for improvement. Depending on the development, the owner may have very strict restrictions on the changes you can make inside and outside of the home. If you’re someone who likes renovations and updates, the rules will limit your exercise of creativity and options.

  1. Financing Challenges

You may assume that financing works the same regardless of what type of property you’re buying, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re buying a townhouse, you may find that your lender treats it more like a condo than a house.

  1. Resale Value

You might get a great deal when you buy a townhouse, but you may also have to dish out that same discount when you eventually decide to sell.
To sum it up, are you in a positive note about living in a townhouse?

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  1. The points you made about townhome ownership, specifically the ones about community and security. As someone who enjoys a social environment, living in a large house in a secluded property never sat well with me, so I was looking for living alternatives that might suit me better. Townhomes sound like the best mix of security and community that I want, so I’ll look for any townhome listings that might interest me.

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