Simple One Storey House Design with Gable Roof

Simple house for a simple family. The greater percentage of families in the present situation belongs to low-income families. In fact, most of them cannot even afford to have one. However, this article presents a representative of modest shelter with this simple one storey house design with a cross gable roof in a 42.0 m² lot area. One of the significant advantages of simple living is giving more chances to consider what we have in life. Simple wants, simple demands will equally mean fewer responsibilities and maintenance of the residence.
Simple One Storey House Design with Gable Roof

Description of Simple One Storey House Design

For a house with a small floor area of 42 m², careful planning and smart design should be exercised to fill in all the required components. As reflected in the actual floor plan, this is the best layout that can be done with this size. This small house design although small didn’t fail to offer a lovely exterior facade. The design shows an elevated scheme from the natural grade line for flood purposes aside from giving an extra level considering the total height of the structure. Small as it looks, the exterior façade is a revelation of beauty and grace.
Simple One Storey House Design with Gable Roof
The main entrance has a hinged glass door while the other elevations are furnished with window glass panels in grey aluminum casements. The exterior walls look pleasant with a mineral plaster finish on grey paint. Meanwhile, the unit carries a consistent appeal with a cross gable roof with grey tiles and white highlights on the perimeter. The inviting walkway in matching grey tiles and the house perimeter in brown tiles deliver an additional character giving an increased house appeal.

Floor Plan and House Specifications of Simple One Storey House Design

A budget-friendly house, it has the following specifications:

  • small porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom

Floor Plan
The layout shoes a porch with a separate shed roof in grey tone at the left of the house. From a small porch, the main door opens with the living room at the right and the bedroom at the left section of the plan. Meanwhile, the combined space of the dining room and kitchen sits in front of the living room. The single bathroom occupies the area between the bedroom and kitchen.

To sum up. this featured house with accents of shades of cool grey offers a pleasant atmosphere and invites a different comfort. Indeed, sitting in the middle of a garden lawn, the atmosphere offers healthy living.
Credit to: Samphoas

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