Interior Design Tips for Modern Country Home

When we speak of country home, we generally associate it with a house of traditional interior design and furnishings. People perceive it to be typically in a rural setting with straight forward appearance and without too much decorations. Moreover, they are often simple, functional with efficient floor plans. Presently, modern country homes look equally similar to the contemporary residences.
The interior design of modern country style house is classically pleasant. Moving away from traditional design, modern country houses allow more lively aspects along with minimal notes. Actually, there are lots of elements articulating the perfect country style spaces at the present times. Let us discover the look of modern country decorating techniques along with some smart ideas within the budget.

Decorating Tips and Techniques for a Modern Country Home

How impressive would you like the interior design of a modern country home be? As an inspiration, these country style interior design and decorating tips will offer you the modern country look in your own home. Additionally, the color, texture, furniture and pattern will reveal the big difference.


Many might think that a modern country home means an absence of decoration. But then, introducing patterns will look striking and fresh depending on how it is utilized. A floral or botanical motif in can make a traditional house design look original and new.
Geometrics are still popular choices from simple chevron and repeating shapes to more detailed patterns. Actually, geometric patterns will forever be one of the in demand interior design trends in the industry. In fact, these patterns, prints and shapes are so versatile that offer the creation of a wide range of designs and tastes. Patterns look most prominent and modern in simple application keeping the rest of the space plain with one design. This applies on curtains, a panel of tiles on a splash back or in the rhythmic patterns on the floor.


When decorating a room, color choice seems to be the primary consideration along with the perfect layout and furniture. But, the use of texture in a design scheme is very important. As a matter of fact, texture brings a whole new dimension and depth to walls. Another element for consideration is installing lighting solutions to highlight the effect to be more dramatic.
Rough organic surfaces rich in natural patina are integral elements of the modern country home. Previous interior designs tend to cover up some imperfections like papering and painting walls to make homes look more original. But the trend of using natural materials has now in the groove. Bare plaster or exposed brick can be interesting indoors, or polish concrete for floors, worktops and even walls. It creates a warm and silky touch, and offers depth in its watery, uneven tones. For additional character, the use of wood to clad walls or drawer fronts in a kitchen is a good choice. Moreover, the soft textiles can add layers of warmth and visual interest in the form of rough linen wool and sheep skin.


Furniture and functionality goes hand in hand in the space planning stage of interior design. The fashion for reworking previous generation’s designs, from both craftsman and high-street retailers, is very popular. You will find classics or traditional pieces with crisp silhouettes. They tend to be a good fit for country houses, where the styling works blend well with a set of antiques.
Similarly, furniture not usually seen in a domestic setting can look unique and modern.


How important are colors in the interior design of a modern country home? Well. Color is the life of a design and decoration. Yellow, teal blue, chalky blush pink, coral and charcoal are all very popular right now, so introducing these shades into a room will certainly make it feel modern. Yet, it is also about how and where you use colors. To sum it up, choose shades that you naturally like, rather than something that is only for fashion.
Using deep or strong hues to highlight specific areas, will heighten architectural details and bring atmosphere to the interior. Powerful colors can also be very effective to show off details on furniture or use in well-selected accessories. A single vibrant painted chair, the underside of a freestanding bath, a rug, the rim of a table or the legs of a chair will all catch the eye and add drama to your space.
Are you ready to transform a mid-century country house into a modern one? Definitely, with the tips and techniques, an amazing residence will be at its best appeal and character.

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