Trendsetting Modern House Plan with Enormous Glass Elements

Single storey house designs have always something unique to offer to the table. They characterize clean and sharp lines, open floor plans, and aesthetically pleasing concepts. Likewise, large doors and windows with open-air interiors are hallmarks of modern house plans. With contemporary features, this trendsetting modern house plan with lots of glass elements shines uniquely in its own right.
Consider yourself fortunate to discover this graceful modern view home plan with mesmerizing exterior façade. The versatile fusion of white and grey tones in the exterior walls with tidy and refined workmanship is really eye-catching.
Picture of Trendsetting Modern House Plan with Enormous Glass Elements

Features of Trendsetting Modern House Plan

A unique house plan, it boasts a terrace with marble tiles in grey shade. The attractive space is designed with natural stacked stones in grey color, battens, and a flat roof. Additionally, a balcony is provided which is accessible from the bedroom through glass doors. Moreover, these spaces can be extensions of the interior for relaxation and other activities.
Picture of Trendsetting Modern House Plan with Enormous Glass Elements
The gorgeous concept of the terrace extends to the carport on its immediate left. The prominent columns with natural stones and a flat roof do not only secure the building but beautify it as well. Actually, the carport can be more functional by utilizing the space as an informal diner. You just have to provide a table and chairs to achieve it.
Picture of Trendsetting Modern House Plan with Enormous Glass Elements
The most unique personality of this trendsetting modern house plan is the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows spread throughout the entire elevation. Aside from their aesthetic value, they transmit tons of natural light and air to the interior for comfort
The stylish shed roof assemblies with grey tiles and white ceilings are truly magnificent. The sharp rooflines and tidy workmanship absolutely put this design in surprise.

Meanwhile, The exterior walls are treated with mineral plaster finish in a grey tone. It is amazing to observe the tidiness of the workmanship that delivers a refined exterior façade.

The rear elevation also features a terrace which is perfect for family relaxation because of the comfort the surroundings offer. You can also utilize the rear space for outdoor living converting it into another informal diner.

This design promotes style and comfort. In fact, the spacious outdoor living space showers the interior with volumes of light and air that keep the space at a pleasant level.
Overall, a design with immeasurable comfort, a healthy living is achievable.
Image Credit: Naibann 

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