Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort

Life in an urban community is always a wonderful experience. In fact, you will have everything that will make you happy – the recreations, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and a lot more. But sometimes, you’ll get tired and annoyed by the noisy sounds of the metropolis. When boredom strikes, probably, it’s high time to leave the city for a while and connect to nature. A vacation spent in this modern resort type house with a serene atmosphere will be fantastic.
The inviting and comfortable setting of this beautiful house will lend you the experience whether you stay for a vacation or spending your life permanently in this lifestyle. As you can see, the setting has an immediate sense of relaxation and freedom. A beautiful design in a white shade, it floats with a dominating scheme in the middle of a green environment.
Picture of Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort

Features of Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort

This house bears a simple exterior façade as it blows in a blend of white and grey tones. However, it delivers a cool and fascinating vibe that puts you at ease before you even set foot in the home. Oriented perfectly for a view lot, you will observe the left side open with glass and the right-wing closed with concrete. It’s definitely unique and stylish.
You will appreciate the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass doors in grey tint and grey frames. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they also make the interior look brighter and feel cozier. Similarly, the carefully-placed glass windows give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. The inner rooms have great views of the outdoor living areas while they are still protected from the public view.
Picture of Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort
The exterior walls look classy and refined with a tidy application of mineral plaster finish in white color. Standing in the middle of a green setting, it absolutely looks very graceful.
Picture of Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort
Additionally, the flat roofs style in the main house and balcony with brown roofing sheets and fascia board offer a charming character to the house. However, with a narrow frontage, the design will equally explode with a gable or hip roof.

Specifications of Modern Resort Type House with Immense Comfort

This graceful resort style house is built in a lot that measures 8.0 x 14.0 meters that gives a usable space of 112.0 sq. meters. The floor plan layout is very straightforward that hosts a balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.
With a simple layout, you can access the living spaces through large glass doors. From the great living room, you will observe the dining room and kitchen in front that enjoys a free-flowing concept. While the living spaces occupy the left side, the right section hosts two bedrooms and one bathroom. The master’s bedroom with a private ensuite sits is sitting on the right corner, while the secondary bedroom occupies the opposite corner.

One remarkable feature of this design is the spacious outdoor living space that serves lots of functions. The lush garden landscaping makes the house even more comfortable.
Enjoy your stay at this resort house design.
Image Credit: AP Design Home

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