Single Storey Modern House Design with Swimming Pool

Bungalow houses are hot trends nowadays because of their amazing features and advantages over other house types. This site offers lots of these types of houses and you find yourself on the right site as we are featuring another beautiful unit – a single storey modern house design with a swimming pool. Similarly, because of its size, the cost of construction and maintenance will be less and more manageable.
Picture of Single Storey Modern House Design with Swimming Pool

Single storey houses of modern themes are preferred by most homeowners. If you stay in these houses, you are more connected to the earth aside from having more chance of enjoying a garden space.  Moreover, when it comes to adding an extension to your home, it is easier to enlarge for as long as there is space. However, the cost might be higher, but still, a lot of advantages are owned by single level houses over two storey units.
Picture of Single Storey Modern House Design with Swimming Pool

Description of Single Storey Modern House Design

This single level house has shines in stylish and elegant exterior design. The clean and refined architectural lines reveal how contemporary and sophisticated the house is. Additionally, It is always an additional appeal to have a terrace or veranda in the house regardless of the size. In fact, this residence owns one, in elevated scheme and enclosed with steel railings. Moreover, being an extension of the house, it offers a panoramic view of the outside and allows an immense contribution of light.
The house in feature gleams with the following individualities:

  • verandah in a raised elevation scheme
  • sliding glass door with grey aluminum casements
  • glass window panels with grey frames as well, supplying enough air and light to ventilate the interior of the house
  • exterior wall cladding with accents of grey natural stones
  • exterior façade with cream paint mineral plaster finish in all elevations
  • rectangular swimming pool in front of the veranda
  • open space in front for relaxation and gatherings
  • cross hip roofing assembly with grey tiles
  • attractive driveway and parking space with grey tiles
  • lovely garden and landscaping

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Single Storey Modern House Design

House Specifications
The model house shows a very smart layout of the integral components. The living space is in a free-flowing concept that is very comfortable and has a high degree of flexibility. A very smart and functional design, the unit has the following specifications.

  • rectangular verandah
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • two-car garage
  • rectangular swimming pool

Floor PLan
The model house has an entrance on the side leading to the elevated verandah which is a perfect space for family relaxation. A pair of sliding glass doors lead to the living room with the dining room on its right. Contrary to most designs, the modern kitchen is laid out in the front right corner of the house. Furthermore, a simple but functional layout, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the opposite corners at the back of the plan. Meanwhile, the two bathrooms sit in the middle and between two bedrooms. For relaxation purposes, there is a rectangular swimming pool in front of the verandah. An open parking space for two cars sits comfortably on the right side of the design.

Overall, the friendly, well-designed residence standing in the middle of a garden lawn with a swimming pool invites you to a healthy living. Indeed, another amazing design most homeowners would love to have.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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