Reasons Why Two-Storey House Designs Are Better

When first-time buyers plan to own a house, one common question is: will it be a single level or a two-storey house? A house is one of the most precious investment a family can have. Actually, it is a privilege of every family to own one because a home is the epitome of independence and privacy. But, in as much as you want to have it, the answer depends on your capacity to finance it. The challenge for the first time owners is formidable that it’s difficult to decide whether to buy or build one. Certainly, if it’s not because of the cost, the decision will be easier.
Generally, the primary aspect for consideration is to identify the long term goals as the decision will define your future. What type of home best suits your needs?  There are several options to consider where each type has its own benefits and impact to the homeowners. Having said that, your choice should fit within your plans. For some concrete reasons, it’s always a smart idea to go for a two-storey house design. In fact, two-storey houses look more lucrative considering the cost and space. However, the final decision would be dependent on the control of budget, lifestyle and priorities in life.

The Proper Choice and Decision

A decision to have a house can be either building a new unit or purchasing an existing property. You may purchase a lot in any place you want and build your unit and ensures you of getting what you exactly want. New homes are more appealing and tend to draw higher investment when you decide to sell. In the end, there will be an emotional connection in building a new house that compliments your needs and personality.
The dream to purchase a two-storey house can be a complex choice. But definitely, it offers lots of positive impact to the homeowner. In fact, they are more economical in terms of lot because space is doubled as the construction is done vertically. Two-story homes are ideal for separating entertainment areas from the bedrooms so the level of privacy is high. Moreover, they also offer a more suitable way to accommodate uneven property contours which are usable during construction.
Because of the increasing cost of land nowadays, developers prefer to subdivide the space into smaller lot area. This brings limited availability for larger blocks. Moreover, smaller lot areas are more saleable because of the cost to purchase one. In effect, this has seen a remarkable increase in the demands of two-storey homes.

Advantages of Two Storey House Designs

Two storey house designs have other remarkable benefits over other types of houses.

  1. There is an availability to get a bigger space for the money invested.
  2. Locations, where land cost is high, would avail smaller lots and may see a higher demand for two storey house requirements.
  3. Construction of two-storey house doesn’t necessarily cost twice as much as single-story, so the overall cost is lower.
  4. A requirement for a backyard or garden is likely feasible.
  5. There is a wider option for the floor plan and rooms because of space. More living space offers more significant floor plan regarding design.
  6. With a two-storey house design, there is more flexibility regarding the layout.  The potential level is high in having larger and more functional layout as there are more options to separate the rooms. Actually, the living spaces can settle on the ground floor while the second level can contain private rooms.
  7. Two storey houses offer a higher possibility and maximum potential view of the surrounding areas from the upper floor, where images appear more attractive.
  8. The level of privacy and independence is higher in two storey house designs, especially for fewer family members.

To sum it up, if budget permits, it will be best to go for a two-level residence. You will realize that they will require lesser external maintenance over the years because of the less outdoor wall. Anyway, whatever choice you have, ensure that you get the best value for the money. There is a perfect house design waiting for every family.

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  1. Hello po can you give me ideas/ designs/ estimate.. 2 storey house ,4 rooms.. 2 for master,one common..thank you so much

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