Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior

The 21st-century modern architecture designs generally focus on the fusion of the combined space, energy and privacy in one home. Obviously, double-level homes have the advantage over single storey houses. This beautiful two storey house with a fabulous exterior is the answer to achieve the mentioned benefits. In fact, because of space, they can even showcase the characteristics of a home where natural light and outdoor connections are visible and valuable.
Picture of Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior

There is no place like home. The feeling is immeasurable if you stay on your own, and in fact, if your house is like the featured home is an added valuable privilege. As can be seen, this two storey home reveals one of the finest designs in town. The design is a dream house for a bigger family who wants to enjoy comfort as well as freedom. The exterior façade looks very elegant and glamorous which is coupled with spacious rooms in the interior which offers coziness.
Picture of Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior

Description of Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior

This contemporary style house in feature has the exterior façade shining with modernism and style. As can be seen, the building presents a conglomeration of various materials such as concrete and masonry, glass, natural stones, aluminum and steel.
Picture of Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior
In the meantime, let us break down the following exceptional characteristics of this unit.

  • pleasing elevated verandah secured by prominent pillars with accents of brown colored natural stones
  • two balconies with identical grey railings at the upper level overlooking most of the adjacent properties and views
  • sliding clear glass doors with white aluminum casements
  • an enormous quantity of glass window panels with white frames as well, ventilating the entire interior
  • informal diner outside the house for informal dining and quick meals
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in cream paint in all elevations
  • semi-circular staircase
  • family hall/office in the upper level with segmented design
  • cross hip roof assembly and shed roofs with green tiles
  • a walkway around the perimeter of the house with grey colored tiles
  • rectangular footpath at the front of the house
  • inviting driveway and parking space
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Beautiful Two Storey House with Fabulous Exterior

Floor Plan and House Specifications of Beautiful Two Storey House

House Specifications
Size really matters. As the main function of a two storey home is to satisfy the comfort of the family, the spacious rooms offer a high degree of convenience and flexibility. The layout observes a free-flowing concept which as well is promoting freedom and comfort at the same time. Here are the following specifications of the model house.

  • elevated verandah
  • two balconies
  • living room
  • formal and informal diner
  • modern kitchen
  • family hall/office
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • open parking space

Floor Plan
This house offers lots of advantages over other house types. In fact, because of the bigger area, it accommodates more rooms and spaces that deliver privacy and freedom. The ground floor contains the living spaces while the private zone occupies the upper level. On the ground floor, a magnificent verandah represents a perfect entrance. The main entrance of sliding glass doors will show you the spacious living room on the left section, while the semi-circular staircase bursts at the right side. The back section of the plan features one bedroom at the left corner, while the dining and kitchen stay in the middle. Meanwhile, one bathroom is sitting in the right corner.

On the other hand, the upper level has the hallway right after the staircase. It has two bedrooms that settle at the back with the bathroom in between them. There is a balcony on the left which is accessible from the master’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the family hall/office sits comfortably at the top of the verandah, with the other balcony accessible from it.

To sum up, the assembly and construction of this unit yield a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication. What else can you ask for?
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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