Ways to Make Small Living Room More Functional

Size really matters especially for the concerns of space functionality. However, smart decoration and styling can make a smaller space more purposeful. If you feel like your living room is always cramped and cluttered, you aren’t alone. Let’s face it, small living room design can be a struggle. Especially in light of the fact that it’s the room you like spending most of your time. Thus, it also needs to be very functional. But then, don’t let your small living room cramp your style!
Some people would say that the only way to make a small living room work is by avoiding dark colors on walls and other furniture. But, it is not true. In fact, your room should be the reflection of your personality. Having said that, you can fill it with everything that makes you satisfied.  Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to make the most of your small living room. Here are some tips from designers that surely will help you ace your small living room design for a space that’s big on style and functionality.

Smart Techniques to Make Small Living Room More Functional
  1. Utilize and Let Your Walls Serve a Purpose

If your living room has a small floor space, be creative by using your walls! Wall-mounted storage options are incredible and they offer you the same functionality without using the floor space. Think about using display shelves or bookcase to save some floor area. A side table or even a built-in desk option will be great accessory as well. Actually, it reduces clutter, maximizes storage, and means you have one less piece of furniture to buy.

  1. Select Clear Furniture

Furniture is a common fixture of the living room. One small living room design decorating trick is the use of clear furniture. Clear and mirrored, furniture help reducing visual clutter which is a requirement in a small space. Actually, the optical illusion creates a more open and airy look instead of dense, heavy pieces that sit directly on the floor.

  1. Go for an Organic Shaped Rug

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a rug that fits into your small living room. They tend to look bigger or awkwardly small for tight spaces. Rather than drawing attention to the small size of your room with a rug that doesn’t fit, try using one with an organic shape. This option has the same function and doesn’t need to follow any rules as far as room shape and size.

  1. Hang Your Curtains Higher

One successful technique for making your small living room look larger, is to hang your curtains higher. This offers the impression that your ceilings are tall and will draw their attention upward rather than the lower part. It’s a clever optical illusion that will allow your space to appear larger than it is.

  1. Place the Coffee Table Somewhere Else

If the space is already accessorized to the maximum, skipping out on unessential furniture items is a smart move. So we say get a little crazy and skip the coffee table so it won’t overcrowd the living room. You may place it anyway in any other open area.

  1. Use Your Sofa as a Space Divider

If you’re doubling down on your space to be more functional by creating both a living and dining area, use your sofa as divider.  The back of a sofa generates a “zone” by partitioning the space into different areas. Having a makeshift wall like this concept helps creating a sense of rooms within rooms.

  1. Covert the Space into a Multi-Purpose Hall

Having limited small living room space means you need to get the most bang for your buck. Make it a multi-purpose hall to serve more functions. Go for furniture pieces that offer multiple purposes such as using a bench as a coffee table, a bookcase as a room divider or a wall for arts display.

  1. Maximize Every Square Inch of Space

One of the clever technique in creating a small living room look great is make sure you’re utilizing every square inch of space. You may tuck in storage where you can. Think about ways to work in extra storage, tuck in a desk, or even having an extra seating.

  1. Add Sneaky Storage

Some furniture has interior storage which make them more functional and space saver. In fact, these items are great fixtures for small living room design. Instead of adding more clutter with bulky storage pieces, it is smart to add furniture items that serve multiple functions. Moreover, enclosed storage is also great because of its low-maintenance.
If your house has a small living area, then these tips will guide you to transform it into a more functional space.

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