Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors

Twenty-first-century living offers many reasons to choose contemporary style house designs. In fact, they are trendy and personal choice of most homeowners. Actually, we are living in an era where space, energy and privacy are primacy requirements in housing. These are what contemporary homes are bound to offer. Currently, we find many more neighborhoods embracing the contemporary home style, because of the many benefits they deliver.
Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors

The maintenance of high-end or two-storey houses is unquestionably complex. In fact, it is particularly demanding if you are caught between walls in a budget. If you want a house that still looks very modern at a reasonable cost, then this contemporary style house design with superb interiors might be the one you need.
Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors

Description of Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors

The house in feature looks very projecting and strong with its architectural details. Presently, it’s but common for one-storey houses to carry a design with elevation structure. In fact, it’s a smart idea as it raises the height of the house offering an additional aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it gives style and character to the design, thus offering an added value.
Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors
The exterior façade of the house reveals charm and grace by the following features:

  • open porch with grey marble tiles
  • hinged glass door and plenty of window glass panels in white aluminum casements which ventilate the interior of the house
  • front exterior wall with accents of brown natural stacked stones
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in light blue shade and grey highlights on the top and bottom section of the house
  • simple cladding in orange color
  • stylish shed roof assemblies with grey tiles
  • space for garden and landscaping

Contemporary Style House with Superb Interiors

Interior Design and Concepts

This is one house that delivers amazing interior concepts. The free-flowing concept of the living space looks elegant and graceful with light brown marble tiles, cream interior walls and recessed ceilings in cream paint.

The bedroom looks very comfortable with plenty of glass window panels that offer lots of air to ventilate the interior.

Meanwhile, the kitchen carries the same personality as the other rooms with the same cream shade. It looks very tidy and presentable. Of course, cooking activities will be enjoyable with this atmosphere.

Elsewhere, the bathroom feels cozy and pleasant on setting and the choice of furniture and accessories. The floor and wall tiles in light brown and black colors offer a magnetic appeal.

As can be seen, the architectural details of this house define a style. The fixation, assembly and layout are very tidy and shine uniformly in all sections of the house. Definitely, living in this house will be satisfactory.
Credit to: Modern Home

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