Dynamic 3-Bedroom Modern House with Striking Character

There are lots of contemporary houses of various designs and styles that we see everywhere. In fact, they have established their stand as the most preferred common choices of designers and homeowners. The varying styles make them trendier as they perfectly match people’s changing lifestyles, apart from giving a perfect blend of uniqueness. Undeniably, this dynamic 3-bedroom modern house with a striking exterior will be a great inspiration.
Undoubtedly, this design is a revelation of style with its dynamic exterior façade. A fusion of cream, grey, brown and maroon shades in the elevation engenders an exceptional appeal. Actually, the style is strong yet classic and inherently sophisticated.
Picture of Dynamic 4 Bedroom Modern House with Striking Character

Features of Dynamic 3-Bedroom Modern House

It starts with an elevated porch with grey marble tiles, and a pillar with stone elements in a dark grey shade.  This space represents an introductory place to welcome guests and friends. Similarly, the pillar which adds a valued aesthetic appeal is also strong support to the structure.
This design showcases elements of concrete, stone, and glass, with notable workmanship. These stone elements in a dark grey tone in the corners and other elevations deliver both dynamic and stylish character. The aesthetic appeal is heightened by the white moldings around the perimeter of the natural veneer stones.
Picture of Dynamic 4 Bedroom Modern House with Striking Character
The stunning concept of the porch extends to the carport on its immediate left. The prominent rectangular columns with natural marble tiles do not only secure the building but beautify it as well. Actually, the carport can be more functional by utilizing the space for family relaxation and social functions.
This modern home design that will suit any housing location is both unique and, functional. The surroundings flood the interior with tons of natural light and air that makes the inner space pleasant. Likewise, there are glass doors and window panels that transmit lots of light and air that make the inners space look brighter and feel cozier.

Clearly, the design manages to be dynamic but inviting with the exterior walls in a blend of a variety of colors, patterns, and architectural details. Consequently, the house looks unique, beautiful, and attractive.
The refined workmanship on the elevations offers exterior good looks and brilliantly designed interior as well. As can be seen, the sharp contemporary rooflines are elegant. One of the excellent trademarks of this house is the sophisticated hip roof with brown-colored tiles ad white ceilings.  Its creative concept with refined workmanship creates a perfect match with the grace of the entire design.

Specifications of Dynamic 3-Bedroom Modern House

This modern-bedroom single storey house design stands in a lot that measures 10.5 x 11.0 meters.  The usable building space of approximately 115.00 sq. meters spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and one bathroom.
The porch at the center at the front elevation is a great entrance to the living room that enjoys an open concept with the dining room. The great living room is airy and comfortable which is perfect for family entertainment. The living spaces occupy the front left side of the plan. On the other hand, the right and back sections host the private zone of three bedrooms.

The outdoor living space of this house is impressive. The frontage blows with a lovely garden, rectangular footpath, and beautiful landscaping that floods the house with extreme comfort.
Hope that you like this design.
Image Credit: Naibann 

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