Simple Shed Roof House in a Narrow Lot

Bungalow houses remained to be the architectural signature for a very long time. And if we consider the present economic situation, high cost of living, and majority of families at lower income levels, these types of houses become famous choices of most homebuyers. Well, clearly, many would opt for a bungalow like this simple shed roof house design, which is affordable and incurs a lower cost of construction and maintenance?
Picture of Simple Shed Roof House in a Narrow Lot

This shed roof house stands with a simple exterior concept in a combination of grey and brown hues and an accent of orange shade. The design is not blown up with artistic concepts or any heightened architectural details. Nevertheless, its simplicity makes it unique and stylish. In fact. The design carries a traditional touch and feel as well.
This house opens up with an elevated porch in plain cement finish serving as the entryway to the living spaces. The exterior façade is designed with bricks on the right-wing, while some natural wood in orange color offers some aesthetics at the left elevation. Somehow these concepts create a unique and stylish appeal.
Picture of Simple Shed Roof House in a Narrow Lot
Additionally, this design shows some touch of character on the exposed exterior walls with a plain cement finish. Its rawness though generates a stylish façade. Meanwhile, this house has three assemblies of shed roofs with an orange gable, and of course, is charming with the assembly.

Likewise, the design is not aesthetically appealing, but the comfort in the exterior and inner spaces complements it. Actually, the landscaping and verdant trees bathe the inner space with volumes of natural light and air for comfort. Equally, the glass window panels absorb tons of light and air to allow cross ventilation to make the interior feel cozier.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple One Level House

A simple in narrow lot, it boasts a functional inner space and a comfortable outdoor space. It stands in a lot of 8.0 x 14.0 meters dimension that gives a usable space of 112.0 sq. meters. The floor layout spreads to a terrace, living room, dining area and kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.
A straightforward design features the living spaces in an open concept on the left section. On the other hand, the right side hosts the private zone of two bedrooms and the lone bathroom. The master bedroom occupies the front space, while the secondary bedroom is on the opposite corner of the plan.

Overall, this design with brimming lush landscaping showers the house with immeasurable comfort.
Image Credit: AP Design Home

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