Single Storey House with High-Pitched Gable Roof

Modern houses never go out of style because of their features and the benefits they offer. The good thing about these designs is that they cater to families of various backgrounds and ages. Likewise, modern designs are generally customizable, thus, you can integrate your personality and character. This single storey house is another revelation of how designs have evolved through the years. Discover its distinct characteristics.

Features of Single Storey House with High-Pitched Gable Roof

The single storey house we feature this time is something that focuses on uniqueness and style. Unlike most common designs with either flat, shed, or hop roofs, this one stands with a high-pitched gable roof. Besides, the other factor that makes it distinct is the concept of minimalism.
Picture of Single Storey House with High-Pitched Gable Roof

This design has gone to a deeper dimension starting with the exterior façade that shines excellently in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues. Obviously, the colors demonstrate a pleasing and fascinating atmosphere. Additionally, the darker grey tone in the base delivers a contrasting appeal to the dominant soft colors of the exterior.
This house opens up with a porch serving as the entryway to access the inner spaces through the wooden door. The concept of using wall cladding with either wood or natural stones on the left wing is stylish and heightens the aesthetic appeal of the house.
Picture of Single Storey House with High-Pitched Gable Roof
Remarkably, it is apparent that this residence exudes sophistication as you see how tidy the exposed exterior walls are. The mineral plaster finish in white shade spells class and definitely will turn heads up.
Perhaps one of the unique elements of this one storey house is the eye-catching high-pitched gable roof assembly with grey tiles which also features minimalism. The assembly looks graceful with clean sloping rooflines in refined workmanship.

The concept to integrate minimalism in this design is observed from the windows installed on appropriate elevations. Regardless of the window sizes, they are still responsible in transmitting an ample volume of natural light and air to keep the interior brighter and cozier.

Specifications of Single Storey House with High-Pitched Gable Roof

So much can be said about this modern house plan perfectly suited to a class ‘A’ housing location.  Iit stands in a lot with a usable building space of 107.0 sq. meters that provides a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms. And three bathrooms.
A house built with lush garden landscaping, you expect this great outdoor living space to shower the interior with tons of light and air.
Can you imagine how comfortable living in this house is?
Image Credit: Chiang Mai Construction

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