Contemporary Style House Plan with Graceful Architectural Details

Contemporary house designs highlight many features of modern living that homebuyers want.  In fact, these characteristics include energy open concepts, natural lighting, and energy efficiency. This contemporary style house plan caters to a variety of lifestyles, family sizes, and all ages. Most importantly, this design achieves the aforementioned features of a modern house.
Starting with a spacious green setting in a welcoming location, the versatile blend of white, grey, and brown shades is definitely splendid and sophisticated. In fact, the soft tones lend the elevation a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
Picture of Contemporary Style House Plan with Graceful Architectural Details

Features of Contemporary Style House Plan

This design showcases a gorgeous balcony with brown marble tiles. It is designed with brown-colored steel guardrails, prominent columns in grey tone, and a shed roof. These elements don’t only secure the space but at the same time, beautify it in a graceful fashion.
This home plan has offered great lengths with beautiful architectural concepts. It shines with impressive concepts like the following:

  • imposing wall cladding with brown stacked stones on the right-wing of the front elevation
  • stylish vertical and rectangular surface walls painted in white and grey shades
  • attractive and sharp rooflines and gable in grey and brown tones
  • wall-to-wall glass doors and windows in grey aluminum casements

Picture of Contemporary Style House Plan with Graceful Architectural Details
The modern design which is unique and functional is perfect for an urban community. With a spacious frontage, it floods the interior with tons of natural light and air that penetrates inside for comfort, Likewise, the glass door and window panels allow cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level. By using glass in the home’s facade, the home looks brighter and feels cozier. Moreover, the design with high ceilings concept makes the interior even more comfortable.
Furthermore, you can observe the elegance of this design from the refined workmanship of the external walls with a mineral plaster finish in a mix of white and light grey hues.

Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable features of this house is the well-designed shed roof sloping to the rear with brown roofing materials, white ceilings, and a combination of brown and grey gables.  Consequently, the entire assembly along with its refined workmanship is visually appealing and increases the value of the house.

Specifications of Contemporary Style House Plan

This contemporary house with a spacious layout boasts an open concept that promotes better mobility among spaces. It stands in a lot that measures 12.0 x 14.0 meters with a usable space of approximately 168.0 sq. meters. The plan with well-placed spaces hosts a balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.
You can access the great living room from the balcony through glass doors. Beyond sits a spacious great living room that flows seamlessly into the formal dining area and ends in the kitchen. While the living spaces occupy the left section, the private zone on the other hand settles at the right side. The three bedrooms form a linear arrangement and the two bathrooms occupy the back portion of the plan.

The gorgeous trimmed garden and lush landscaping brighten up the outdoor living space. This outdoor space will be a great oasis for family relaxation and other social functions.
Unquestionably, the beautiful aesthetics and the comfort it offers make this design a favorite of most families.
Image Credit: AP Design Home

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