Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

In modern days, bungalow houses seem to be the hottest trend. In fact, the main reasons stand to be cost, mobility and maintenance. Considering the 21st century home architecture, there are few reasons to choose the benefits of a modern home design. Space is hard to achieve and expensive so maximizing every inch is of vital importance. Smart usage of space while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections are at the features of this simple bungalow house design with terrace.
Picture of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

Essentially, a modern home design should carry the aspects of being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, new construction methods and materials such as using more glasses for windows and doors, energy-efficient appliances and energy sources all add up to a contemporary and more functional home than a more traditional home design.
Picture of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

Description of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace

The modern home design in feature shines outstandingly with a mix of cool colors that delivers pleasantness. Although simple in design, the house did not fail to deliver style and glamour.  Moreover, the house bursts with appeal in a blend of various shades of brown. Consequently, a unit that can be built in any housing location, it will definitely be a stand-out.

As glamorous as how it looks, this simple bungalow house design with terrace has the following features:

  • an elevated terrace with light brown marble tiles, stainless steel railings
  • square pillars with accents of brown colored natural cultured stones
  • a pair of beautiful wooden doors
  • window glass panels in white aluminum frames installed on appropriate locations sufficient to ventilate the interior of the building
  • exterior wall treated with mineral plaster finish in a light brown tone, as well as bottom highlights in dark brown paint around the perimeter of the house
  • exterior wall cladding with brown colored natural stones
  • cross hip roof assembly with maroon tiles
  • inviting driveway and walkway
  • open parking space
  • garden and landscaping

Floor Plan and House Specifications

House Specifications
An environmentally friendly design built in a garden with green surroundings, this is one home that offers the comfort a family needs. Constructed with elevation from the natural grade line, it has the following house specifications:

  • elevated terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • open parking space

Picture of Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace
Floor Plan
This simple design offers the terrace heading to the living room through a pair of wooden doors. As can be seen, the three generous bedrooms surround the living room forming a square layout. Meanwhile, the dining room and kitchen occupy the right corner at the back of the house. There are two bathrooms, one for the master’s bedroom and the common bathroom sitting adjacent to each other at the left corner at the back section of the plan. A spacious area on the right of the design is where the parking space is. A simple layout but creating useful functions.

Indeed, this house will be loved by most homeowners because of its features as well as health-related benefits.

Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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