Modern Bungalow House Plan with Interiors

When it comes to modern-day living, there are many reasons why to choose modern home plan designs. In fact, we are in a generation where space, energy and privacy are tough to attain. However, light, comfort and outdoor influences are of great value. Modern home designs offer us these benefits and at the same time creating an energy-efficient and friendly environment like this modern bungalow house plan with interiors.
Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors

Presently, most families embrace the contemporary styles because they realized that plenty of benefits are on offer. The modern bungalow house plan in feature is a brilliant residence that owns the above features. That’s is to say, this is a suggested model that will definitely catch the eyes of many homeowners.
Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors

Description of Modern Bungalow House Design with Interiors

A lovely one-story house, this modern bungalow house plan stands in a garden lot which is obviously comfortable and pleasant. This residence specifically caters for families who value modern design that offers style and coziness. This house is also well-organized and has impressive interior concepts. As can be seen, the living spaces demonstrate an open and free-flowing design. The highlight of this modern home plan is the style, beauty and strength of the entire building. The exterior façade looks elegant in a blend of cream, brown and grey colors.
Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors

Features of Modern Bungalow House Design with Interiors

A modern style house, this offers the following outstanding features:

  • porch in an elevated scheme with a separate flat roof
  • glass door and glass window panels in white aluminum frames installed on appropriate locations
  • a rectangular column with an accent of natural cultured stones
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish with cream and grey shades
  • front exterior embellished with grey natural stone
  • multiple assemblies of hip style roofs
  • spacious outdoor space garden and landscape

Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors
Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors

Interior Concepts Modern Bungalow House Design with Interiors

The living room shines in a blend of cream color from floor tiles, interior walls and ceilings. The space is very comfortable with the provision of large-sized glass door and windows that allow efficient ventilation to the interior.
Modern Tropical Bungalow House with Interiors
The recessed ceilings add elegance to the entire living spaces.

The stairs in brown tiles on the way to the bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the bedroom looks a little different from the other spaces that look beautiful and elegant in a light pink tone.

The dining room bursts consistently as the living room with light grey marble floor tiles, cream walls and ceilings.

On the other hand, the kitchen defines consistency as displayed by the same shades of cream coupled with dark grey framed cabinets.

Elsewhere, the bathroom looks clean with a combination of light grey floor and wall tiles. The genuine accessories and fixtures spurt in pleasantness to the space.

To sum up, this modern bungalow house plan exudes style and functionality which are trends in today’s residential architecture. Additionally, standing in a green setting, the unit is definitely environmental-friendly which is healthy.
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