Small Two Bedroom Home Plan with Shed Roof

As you drive around some neighborhoods and subdivisions, you will observe a common fixture: street after street of similar residential houses. Remarkably, most of them are smaller houses. Some families decide to start to live small once they discover that there are many advantages to downsizing. Normally, a smaller home costs less, thus, this frees up money every month to spend for other basic house needs. We feature today an attractive and small two bedroom home plan which will suit many households with inadequate finances.
Picture of Small Two Bedroom Home Plan with Shed Roof

A smaller unit denotes lesser expenses and lesser set of responsibilities. Actually, when we live in smaller residences, we initially think of where to place the things before we buy them and walk away from a purchase if we didn’t know.  Moreover, that’s the essence of having smaller houses, simple living and spending only on the important stuff. Subsequently, we are able to save without really thinking of saving because of what we only require for the house.
Picture of Small Two Bedroom Home Plan with Shed Roof

Description of Small Two Bedroom Home Plan with Shed Roof

The featured home design is absolutely small but beautiful and fashionable in its own style. The unit stands in an environmentally friendly location which is promoting healthy living.
Picture of Small Two Bedroom Home Plan with Shed Roof
A compact layout, it has the following characteristics making it a stand-out.

  • elevated entrance with brown marble tiles
  • a pair of clear hinged glass doors; as well as glass window panels installed on appropriate locations, both in dark grey aluminum casements
  • exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in grey shade with darker grey bottom highlights
  • clerestory in dark grey paint
  • shed roofing assemblies with grey tiles
  • separate parking space with a flat roof in grey shade and brown colored blinds
  • inviting driveway and walkway with rectangular footpath
  • beautiful landscaping

Floor Plan and House Specifications

House Specifications
A small house with a compact interior layout, the unit did not fail to deliver grace and style. This lovely house has the following specifications:

  • small elevated porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • two-car garage

Floor Plan
A small porch with brown marble tiles leads to the living room through a pair of glass doors. The two bedrooms sit on the right and in front of the living room while the combined space for dining and kitchen is situated on the right corner at the back. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom sits beside the kitchen. On the other hand, the two-car garage is sitting comfortably and separately on the left side of the residence.

The house might be small, but there is sufficient space for the garden and landscaping making this a healthy space. The comfort that the house brings is priceless.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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