21st Century Modern House Design

Contemporary houses that we see on every housing location stamp their authority as the common choices of designers and homebuyers. The styles make them trendier as they perfectly match people’s changing lifestyles, apart from giving a perfect blend of uniqueness. Unquestionably, this 21st century modern house design with an incredible exterior will be a great inspiration.

Features of 21st Century Modern House Design

This house plan blows admirably with its brilliant exterior concepts that offer a modern touch and feel. It is wrapped up with stylish features that stand unique in a blend of white, grey, and brown shades. The combination of these tones creates a cool vibe making the external façade fascinating.
This design boasts a raised terrace with polished marble tiles in grey shade. The gorgeous space is secured by steel guardrails, projecting rectangular pillar with accents of natural stone elements in a brown tone, and a flat roof. This space can be an extension of the inner space, where a seating arrangement can be provided.
This modern home design also features a graceful and welcoming carport sitting comfortably on the right corner of the plan. It is designed with columns and a flat roof accented by ceiling lights that illuminate the space at night time.
Picture of 21st Century Modern House Design

Furthermore, the left-wing elevation is gleams with timeless style and elegance. Starting with the L-shaped section with a bulging concept, it is an eye-catcher in a stylish fashion. In fact, the vertical rectangular stone elements and the wooden battens are charming aesthetics that beautify the structure.
Moreover, another unique element of this design is the French-inspired sliding glass door in light brown frames and along with the glass window panels floods the inner space with tons of natural light and air.  Obviously, the volume of light and air makes the interior brighter and feels cozier.
Perhaps, the ultimate excellent architectural concept of this design is the clean and refined cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles, brown fascia board, and white ceilings. The entire roof assembly showcases style and prominence.
Overall, the sharp contemporary lines, gorgeous rooflines, and natural materials come together to make this design unique and sophisticated.
Picture of 21st Century Modern House Design

Interior Design and Concepts of 21st Century Modern House Design

This house boasts beautiful aesthetics and comfort with a lovely frontage. In fact, the interior is as graceful and elegant as the exterior façade. Likewise, the entire inner space glares in a mix of white and brown tones with an accent of grey shade. You will observe the cleanliness and refinement of the assembly and workmanship in all spaces that truly shines outstandingly. Let us check the interior design and concepts.
The Living Room
Picture of 21st Century Modern House Design
Picture of 21st Century Modern House Design
The Hallway
Picture of 21st Century Modern House Design
The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

To sum up, we hope that you like this design with impressive aesthetics and comfort.
Image Credit: Bas Rakther

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