Simple One Level House with Three Bedrooms

From a design point of view, bungalow houses remained in architectural signature for a very long time. And if we consider the present economic situation and the high cost of living, these types of houses become the common choice of most designers and households. Well, who would not opt to go for bungalows like this simple one level house design, which certainly is affordable and incurs less cost in construction and maintenance?
Picture of Simple One Level House with Three Bedrooms

Features of Simple One Level House

This house has a simple exterior concept designed in a blend of white, grey hues and an accent of maroon color. The design is not embellished with artistic concepts or complex architectural details to shine. However, its simplicity is unique and stylish. The slim rectangular windows on the bedroom side and the overlapping shed roof assemblies give this design a unique modern look.
Picture of Simple One Level House with Three Bedrooms
Similarly, the design may not be aesthetically appealing, but it is complemented by the comfort in the exterior and inner spaces. In fact, the brimming landscaping and verdant trees flood the inside with tons of natural air for comfort. Likewise, it also features wall-to-wall sliding glass doors, which along with the glass windows absorb volumes of light and air to allow cross ventilation of the inner spaces.
Picture of Simple One Level House with Three Bedrooms
This bungalow house opens up with an elevated terrace with grey marble tiles which serves as a perfect entrance to the living spaces. To be more functional, this space serves as an extension of the living room for relaxation and other family activities. Meanwhile, the garage on the immediate right of the terrace looks very comfortable as well, designed with high ceilings.

Perhaps one of the remarkable features of this design is the pair of overlapping shed roofs assembled in opposite orientations. The assembly looks graceful with clean sloping rooflines in refined workmanship. Additionally, the exposed exterior walls also gleam in a mineral plaster finish in grey shade.
Overall, the conglomeration of materials, sharp contemporary lines and assembly delivers a graceful and stylish façade.,

Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple One Level House

This simple house plan boasts a functional inner space and a comfortable outdoor space. It stands in a square lot of 9.0 x 9.0 meters that give a usable space of 81.0 sq. meters. The interior layout spreads to a terrace, living room, dining area and kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.
This design is perfectly in tune with a modern family with cleverly crafted spaces with an effortless flow. The terrace will allow you to access the living spaces through sliding glass doors. A straightforward design features the living spaces in the middle of the plan.  Meanwhile, the three bedrooms border the living spaces on three defined corners. The master suite enjoys a private ensuite positioned in the front right corner. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms occupy the two corners at the back of the plan.
Elsewhere, you will find the carport on the comfortable spot beside the terrace on the left.

Indeed, this design with lovely lush landscaping showers the house with immeasurable comfort.
Image Credit: AP Design Home

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