Simple yet homey Semi-native house

Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort to own a decent house. Some would save money for a long time then build their dream house and others would rather go for a monthly amortization to realize their dream. Whichever of the two are good choices, the important thing is you can sustain and meet your goal in the end.
This semi-native house is small but very homey since it consists of the very basic parts of a house.

The kitchen and dining are combined with fully furnished cabinets, kitchen sink, and dining table. The floor is finished with rustic wood finish tiles.

In the bedroom, you can see the bed with a simple cover, the wall is made of sawali (made of bamboo) and jalousie windows.

The elevated porch or terrace is made of bamboo floor and balustrades are made of painted wood with metal screens. Very simple and very cheap to buy materials.

The rood design is lean to or gable type but eliminating the use of ridge roll at the top. The roof id galvanized iron painted with green color that harmonizes with the nature.


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