Modern Duplex House Design with Two Bedrooms

Your home is the place where your heart lives.  For every individual, some places clench great significance. But for most people, home is said to be the most important place. This is the nest where countless memories were built. The memoirs will be with remembering if you’re secured in a place, especially if this is shared with your loved ones. There are plenty of types of homes available around as they are simply everywhere. But, it would be hard to find one that will fit your status, lifestyle, preferences and budget in one. For families with a low budget, this modern duplex house design is a good recommendation.
Picture of Modern Duplex House Design with Two Bedrooms

Living a simple life only requires a small house to own and coupled with simple needs to live happily. The simplicity of life gives us more opportunities to be more creative and flexible. As a matter of fact, living simple and small really allows us to carefully consider what we have in life. Likewise, it confines us to decide on our choices about what we actually need and what we don’t need.
Picture of Modern Duplex House Design with Two Bedrooms

Description of Modern Duplex House Design

What is in a size? Small houses offer limited mobility because they can only bring in a handful of facilities. The house in feature though small has complete elements and is very functional. Small as it is, it has the following characteristics:

  • small porch with grey wall and separate flat roof
  • two-leaf door and glass window panels in dark grey aluminum casements
  • wooden cladding in the front elevation
  • exterior wall in light grey paint
  • parking space and walkway with grey marble tiles
  • flat roof with grey tiles and dark grey outline

Floor Plan and Specifications of Modern Duplex House Design

A small residence. The size will not define the quality of living. The level of satisfaction depends on how the occupants managed to utilize and embrace the available design and services. Well, this model house has the following specifications:

  • small porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • washing room
  • parking space

Floor Plan

A very compact design, the plan offers a small porch that leads to the living room throng the glass door. As can be seen, the layout shows a simple linear arrangement from the living room with the dining and kitchen directly in front. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms settle at the right side of the design adjacent to each other, with the other unit having them on the left side. On the other hand, the bathroom and washing area sit side by side at the back of the design. Elsewhere, the parking space sits comfortably in grey marble tiles in front of the house.

For a sufficient space, a duplex home is a good choice as it can also offer more comfort and stylish living like the other types of houses.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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