Exclusive Modern House Plan with Stunning Exterior Concepts

Contemporary house designs take the development process of transformation of traditional homes into modern counterparts. This exclusive modern house plan with stunning exterior concepts manifests how the housing technology has evolved. Get connected with its impressive features.
Picture of Exclusive Modern House Plan with Stunning Exterior Concepts

We feature a house that is unique, creative, beautiful, and functional. This contemporary home plan with plenty of excellent features is perfect for enhancing modern life that caters to a wide range of families of various lifestyles. Obviously, this design creates a lasting impression in a versatile fusion of white and grey hues.  Specifically, the color blend adds coziness and softness to the façade that generates a cool and pleasant atmosphere.
Picture of Exclusive Modern House Plan with Stunning Exterior Concepts

Features of Exclusive Modern House Plan

The house excels both in function and aesthetics which are visible from the architectural details along with assembly and workmanship.
Some of the strong and remarkable elements of this contemporary house design include the following:

  • gorgeous elevated terrace designed with marble tiles, prominent columns with accents of natural stones, both in grey color, concrete bench, and a flat roof
  • wall-to-wall transparent sliding glass doors and glass window panels in white frames
  • exposed exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in a white paint
  • inviting driveway and carport with columns and flat roof illuminated with ceiling lights
  • graceful hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white fascia board and ceilings
  • smart and functional interior layout
  • outside informal diner provided with table and chairs for family functions
  • comfortable outdoor living space with lovely garden and landscaping

This modern house plan promotes style and comfort in both the inner and outer living spaces. The large glass doors and windows offer a volume of natural light and air that allow the interior to look brighter and feel cozier.
Another highlight of this design is the roofing assembly of the combination of flat and hip roofs in white and grey shades. The assembly showcases both aesthetic appeal and style.
Picture of Exclusive Modern House Plan with Stunning Exterior Concepts

Specifications and Floor Plan of Exclusive Modern House Plan

This splendid design features a floor plan where space is used very efficiently. Likewise, with an open layout, the accessibility among spaces and privacy as well is at a high level. The usable space of 113.0 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.
The interior space is accessible from the terrace through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies an incredible great room that is airy and bright as tons of natural light and air penetrates through the glass. The living spaces are on the middle part of the plan. On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms occupies the three distinct corners of the layout.
The flow of the space engenders an easy pleasant lifestyle with a light-filled master suite, on the left front of the plan, that features a private ensuite and generous walk-in robe. Meanwhile, one of the secondary bedrooms sits beside the master suite at the back, while the other one occupies the left front corner. Elsewhere, the carport finds its comfortable spot on the immediate right of the terrace.

The outdoor living is provided with a table and chairs that could serve as an informal diner or for coffee breaks. Additionally, the inviting space is perfect for family relaxation and other social functions.
To sum up, with appealing aesthetics and unrivaled comfort, this house will win the hearts of most families.
Image Credit: Naibann

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