L-Shaped Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

You might be scouting for one of the trendiest house of the present times. Well, take a glance on beautiful house model today – a modern L-shaped house design. I believe that this stunning residence will be preferred by most homeowners. Single level homes offer more flexibility in planning and designing as compared to multi-level homes. In fact, most single-story houses utilize free-flowing concepts which increase flexibility and accessibility.
Single-level homes prove their reputation of being the current trends and are proud to offer the following advantages: they have more extensive charm, great investments, with lower cost and easier maintenance, lower overall costs and better use of space. Moreover, the other benefits are: open planning, better convenience, with easier renovations and offers energy-efficiency.
Picture of L-Shaped Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

Description of L-Shaped Modern House Plan

The plan in feature is a residence with elevated scheme which is suited for an average-size family. This fashionable residence owns a floor area of 120.0 m² that includes three generous bedrooms. The exterior of the building bursts with plenty of glass windows in dark brown aluminum casements. Similarly, the interior concepts shine with amazing concepts which is visible in the connection between spaces.
Outstandingly, the following features make this house a stand-out.

  • elevated porch with grey marble tiles and exterior wall with accents of brown natural stones
  • large wooden front door and sliding glass door at the back
  • square columns accentuated with grey colored stacked stones
  • exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in cream color and brown shade outline on the bottom perimeter
  • glass window panels installed on appropriate locations for ventilation purposes of the interior
  • comfortable and fascinating lanai at the rear side
  • rectangular foot path
  • inviting outside carport with grey tiles
  • multiple assemblies of hip style roof in brown color

Picture of L-Shaped Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms
As can be seen, the modern house looks very calm and pleasing. The exterior façade shines excellently with a blend of cream, grey and brown colors. In fact, the blend creates a charismatic appeal that increases the overall character. One of the highlights of this house is the whole hip roof assembly with brown tiles which obviously defines stability and prominence.

That is why Rudn Enclave has developed a solid set of procedures to ensure modern housing structures. The project is a well-reputed housing scheme in Pakistan. Investment Gurus also recommend investing in society. To match the modern infrastructure development standards, the owners got the master plan designed by NESPAK, which is the best property designing and building agency in the country.

Picture of L-Shaped Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

Interior Design and Concepts

The Living Room
The exterior characteristics is extended to the interior in terms of paints and colors – cream and brown which are calm and refreshing. The inner design carry a little touch of traditional concept. These are visible in the type of partitions and steel railings, but they are actually impressive.
Picture of L-Shaped Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms
The grey marble tiles looks classic as it complements the overall appeal of the house.

The Dining Room
As impressive as the living room, the dining area is a revelation of style. The furniture choice, the glass windows and curtains, the ceilings and lights and the overall setting remarkably define class. Additionally, the cream and brown shades offer calm and pleasantness.

The Kitchen
What more can you ask for a kitchen? Well, it looks great with the same colors as the other rooms.  The countertop, cabinets, grey marble walls and setting simply define consistency.

The Bathroom
Meanwhile, the bathroom has its own feature to offer that looks stylish with the type of accessories used. Additionally, the light brown wall tiles adds some touch of grace.

Features and Specifications of L-Shaped Modern House Plan

This three bedroom elevated house design has the following specifications:

  • porch, foyer and lanai
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • parking area
  • garden and landscaping

Indeed, a modern residence at the center of a garden lawn, the comfort that the atmosphere brings in, is priceless.
Credit to: RG Sebastian Builders

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