Innovative Contemporary House in Grey Tones

The overall appeal of the house is defined by the architectural details and concepts along with the assembly and workmanship in both the external and internal spaces. Absolutely, the more creative and artistic the concepts are, the more impressive the house is. This innovative contemporary house plan with prominent concepts might be your dream house. Let is inspire you.

Features of Innovative Contemporary House

The highlight of this design is the combination of stone and glass elements, and the cross hip roof assembly. Altogether, they deliver a magnificent structure that certainly explodes in a fusion of white and various shades grey. Definitely, they create a pleasing and inviting atmosphere.
The style of the house design is strong yet classic and inherently sophisticated. It begins with an elevated balcony designed with grey marble tiles, marble bench and guardrails. This space can perfectly represent an extension of the living spaces for family functions. Similarly, the distinct pillars with accents of natural veneer stones and extended hip roof with vaulted ceiling do not only provide security, but beautify the building as well.
Picture of Innovative Contemporary House in Grey Tones

Moreover, the dominance of stone elements is also traceable from the wall cladding with stacked stones in grey tone around the elevation. Additionally, the base painted in greyish blue is impressive as it adds an extra punch to the house’s character.
Another eye-catching personality of this design are the green tinted glass doors and windows spread throughout the entire elevation. Aside from their aesthetic value, they absorb and transmit tons of natural light and air to the interior to be at pleasant level. Similarly, volumes of light and air that penetrate inside, make the space look brighter and feel cozier.
Picture of Innovative Contemporary House in Grey Tones
Meanwhile, you will be impressed with the tidiness of the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in classic white paint. It complements the entire elevation that creates an attractive ambiance.
Probably., one of the most commanding elements of this design is the whooping assembly and workmanship of the cross hip roof with grey tiles and white ceilings. This is simply amazing.
Picture of Innovative Contemporary House in Grey Tones

Interior Design of Innovative Contemporary House

The interior design of this house is as elegant as the exterior. The elegance of the outer façade communicates perfectly to the inner space. Take a look on the gracefulness of the interior.
The Living Room

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

This modern design with a spacious frontage provides a balcony, living room, dining room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.
Indeed, with a spacious outdoor living space, comfort will not be an issue. Likewise, the space can be an extension of the living spaces for relaxation.
Image Credit: Chiang Mai House Design

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