Two-bedroom Elevated Bungalow Design with Class

Another one storey design brought to you by Kittisak Watsadu which is a two-bedroom house. The total floor area of this house is 71.5 square meters which require a 208 square meter lot.
With all the amenities at the front, the minimum setback should be 3 meters at the front and 2 meters on both sides and back. This will maintain a single-detached house with a frontage width of 13 meters and a depth of 16 meters.
Designed to have a little privacy, the floor is elevated by 4 steps which translates to 0.60 meters from the finished ground.

The porch having 3.5 meters wide by 2.0 meters depth is large enough to cater to visitors together with the wide sliding aluminum door coated with beige color compliments the light tone of the wall paint.
To complement the wall, there are brickworks on the square posts and dark accent wall portions with grooves.

The roof designed is a hipped roof which is the strongest type of roof frame consisting of steel trusses and purlins, covered with ceramic tile roof.

The layout of the floor plan is carefully designed to allow 2 bedrooms on the left side with a common bathroom at the top portion serving the whole house. Opening the main entrance door is the open-ended living room and dining area.
The kitchen is located at the topmost portion and separated by a wall from the dining to contain fumes that may crawl over the dining and living area. The is also a door leading to the outside at the right to the service area and to the optional garage.

This design is suited for a small family that requires only two bedrooms. Its simple layout from the inside comes with an elegant look on the outside. Feel free to share this post if you think this is a lovely house. Other bungalow designs can be found here for further viewing.

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