Stately Modern Home Plan with Regal Stone Elements

Contemporary homes are the trendiest and most popular choices of most homebuyers nowadays. In fact, their styles have broken the mold when it comes to changing architectural styles. Similarly, these designs capture the modern touch and revealing design elements that make a home turn heads. The architectural regal concepts of this stately modern home plan absolutely float in style that will win the hearts of many families.
This design showcases clean and sharp lines that create an elegant exterior. Clearly, this design displays the smart and precise use of geometry.  A combination of white, brown and various shades of grey in the elevation exhibits an exceptional modernism. In fact, the types of materials used, assembly and workmanship produced a pleasant and striking architectural masterpiece.
Picture of Stately Modern Home Plan with Regal Stone Elements

Features of Stately Modern Home Plan

This contemporary family home is packed full of sleek and outstanding details. Beginning with the sharp rooflines that catch your attention and draw it towards the entire façade. The main entrance looks unique and stylish with an elevated L-shaped verandah designed with polished natural marble stones in a light grey tone. Additionally, the gorgeous space stands out with dominating pillars with accents of dark grey veneer stones that support the extended hip roof. They don’t simply secure the building but beautify it as well.
Picture of Stately Modern Home Plan with Regal Stone Elements
This design has gone to a deeper dimension with impressive wall cladding in dark grey and brown cultured stone elements installed on prominent locations.  Likewise, the base and window frames in darker grey tone offer a contrasting but balanced appeal with the white and soft grey hues of the exterior façade.
Remarkably, the outdoor living space floods the interior with tons of natural light and air that keeps the interior pleasant. Likewise, sufficient glass panels in all elevations are installed to absorb and transmit lots of air and light to make the inner space looks brighter and feels cozier.

Significantly, the roof assembly is beyond description with its grace. The twin cross hip roofs exude elegance in grey tiles and white ceilings. As it turns out, the assembly with extremely sharp rooflines creates symmetry and balance with respect to the entire design.
Additionally, you will be fascinated with the skillfulness of the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in a grey shade. Definitely, it complements well with the touch and looks of the entire elevation that creates an inviting atmosphere.

Specifications of Stately Modern Home Plan

This contemporary design will be the envy of neighbors and passersby. It stands in a lot with a usable building space of 175.0 sq. meters and hosts a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.
The tasteful glass elements of this house are simply stunning! The gorgeous verandah offers access to the great living room which is spacious to host any gathering in comfort. The living spaces occupy the left side, while the right section hosts the private zone.
Meanwhile, the three bedrooms occupy the three defined corners of the house. The master suite is on the front corner with a private ensuite and large walk-in-robe. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms are sitting side by side at the back of the plan.

Aside from the gorgeous exterior aesthetics and inviting inner space, the outdoor living space with a beautiful garden and brimming landscaping brings this house to a different level considering comfort.
Definitely, this house will be a perfect fixture in every housing location.
Image Credit: Naibann

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