Small House Design On A Budget: Two-Bedroom Home

Houses are considered an investment. For a lot of people, even a small house design is considered a luxury. It’s a proof that you are financially dependent, given that you can finally invest your hard earned money for a house you can call your own.
But what are the criteria for you to choose your dream house?
Are you looking for something that is big enough to fit up to 10 rooms for your guests?
Maybe you are considering a home that your budget can support?
How about a house with a terrace, a sun room, and a gym?
Or maybe you prefer a house with multiple stories.
Everyone has their own dream house. But if you are looking for a small house design that can fit your budget, but still has enough room to fit the family, this design is the one for you!
Let’s take a look at how it looks like:
From the outside, this small house design has a minimalist yet homey vibe to it. The walls are painted in a combination of white with very light blue tint to it. There is also a pillar in front, which showcases the entrance door.
The walls are embellished with lights. There are also large windows around this home, allowing the natural light and ventillation into the rooms.
The front part of the home also has a small plant box. It uses galvanized steel roofing with tile effect in blue shade.
Upon entering the home from the porch, the first area that you will find is the living room. This area may not be too big, but it is spacious enough to fit a big Sala set and an entertainment area.
Just a few steps from the receiving area is the dining room and the kitchen. These three areas are combined, with no walls in between, to help maximize the space. It also has a fully functioning cooking area complete with a space for a gas range, a refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets.

PRO TIP: If you want to separate the living room from the dining room and the dining room from the kitchen, use a bookshelf instead of a wall. You can store decorative items on the bookshelf. You can also add a mini bar or a dinner buffet table. These two add-ons are slim enough to fit a small space, yet they are multifunctional.

From the kitchen, there’s a secondary door which will lead you to the service area at the back. This service area can be used as a dirty kitchen or a washing area.
This small house design also comes with two bedrooms of the same size. Both bedrooms can fit a large, full size bed, a side table, and built in cabinets. You can also hang a television and an entertainment system on the wall.

ANOTHER PRO TIP: Do you have a lot of personal effects to store in your bedroom? Instead of the traditional bed frame, use a frame with storage at the bottom. You can use it to store your trinkets and even your clothes.

The common bathroom is strategically located in between the bedrooms, in front of the dining kitchen. It has enough space for a lavatory, a toilet bowl, and a shower area. You can also place a small bath tub.


  • Floor Plan Code: LHD-0001
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 1
  • Floor Area: 50.0 sq.m.
  • Lot Area: 135.0 sq.m.


Budget in different Finishes.  Values shown here are rough estimate for each finishes and for budgetary purposes only. Budget already includes Labor and Materials and also within the range quoted by most builders. Budget Currency is in Philippine Peso (Php).

  • Rough Finished Budget: 600,000 – 700,000
  • Semi Finished Budget: 800,000 – 900,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget: 1,000,000 – 1,100,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget: 1,200,000 – 1,400,000

If you want to convert the above budget in USD just divide by the value here


Check out the floor plan of this small house design here:

No matter how big or how small your house is, as long as there are enough room for the family, it is sufficient. You can maximize the space by using multipurpose furniture or hang cabinets across the walls too!
Do you love designs for smaller space and for the budget like this? Make sure to follow our website and check out more designs like this.


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