Simple and Modern House Design for Vacation Getaway

Are you planning to spend a vacation anytime soon? Many families like to enjoy owning vacation homes and using these properties for vacations and getaways. While you are getting tired and stressed with city life, perhaps it’s time for you to take a break and spend some time to relax. You might love spending your holiday in this simple and modern house design which is tranquil and comfortable.
Picture of Simple and Modern House Design for Vacation Getaway

With a beautiful location and comfortable setting, it’s a perfect haven to be close and feel the freshness of nature. The house displays a rugged but modern beauty and provides an intimate atmosphere for people who appreciates simple things in life. This house stands unique with the artistic wood and brickworks that deliver a modern and traditional feel at the same time.
Picture of Simple and Modern House Design for Vacation Getaway

Features of Simple and Modern House Design

The house is built in a stilt concept with a conglomeration of natural wood, metal, steel, bricks, and glass that come together to produce a charming design. The exterior looks striking with contrasting shades of grey and brown. Nevertheless, the fusion of soft and warm tones creates a fascinating atmosphere.

The following elements join together for a great vacation getaway house:

  • elevated and wrap around open balcony designed with wooden floor which is a perfect place for relaxation or an informal diner
  • wall cladding with accents of bricks that secures and beautify the structure
  • large-sized glass doors and slim rectangular windows that allow cross ventilation to make the interior at a pleasant level
  • exposed exterior walls in plain cement finish
  • flat roof assemblies with grey roof sheets and white ceilings
  • lovely garden and lush landscaping

Specifications of Simple and Modern House Design

This simple modern vacation house utilizes a usable building space of 90.0 sq. meters. The plan hosts a balcony, combined living room and dining area, kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom. It features a compact and straightforward layout with the living spaces on the right section and the bedroom on the left side. Meanwhile, the spacious balcony serves as the extension of the living room for relaxation and other social functions. You can also provide a table and chairs on the balcony for informal diner and coffee breaks.

Perched in a beautiful location, the spacious and cozy lush garden landscaping is an ideal spot to soak up the sun and bask in the charms of nature.
Indeed, this is a great house for a vacation. Enjoy!
Image Credit: Naibann

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