One Storey Contemporary House with Elegant Hip Roof

Contemporary homes are the trends of the present generation. They do not follow specific rules in designing, thus, you can customize your design to whatever style you want. Integrating concepts that echo your character and lifestyle makes your home your reflection. Get yourself inspired by this one storey contemporary house plan with an elegant hip roof.

Features of a One Storey Contemporary House

This one storey house design emphasizes strength, character, and style. The front façade mixes various design elements like concrete, marble tiles, stainless steel, stacked stones, and glass that creates a stunning curb appeal. A house in a blend of white, cream, grey, orange, and vermilion hues generates a dynamic and striking character. Specifically, this design with warm shades keeps the exterior fascinating.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary House with Elegant Hip Roof

This design features an elevated gorgeous L-shaped verandah with brown tiles, a marble bench, and stainless steel guardrails. The prominent pillars with accents of natural veneer stones in brown shade secure the structure and the sconce lights illuminate the space at night time. The well-designed extended hip roof encases the building and additionally enhances its prominence.
Definitely, the most remarkable element of this house is the well-designed cross hip roof with grey tegula tiles. The entire assembly along with its refined workmanship is absolutely visually appealing and increases the value of the house.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary House with Elegant Hip Roof
You will also observe the carefully placed glass windows that give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. The inner rooms have great views of the outdoor living areas while they are still protected from the public view. Similarly, the main entrance is enveloped with large glass doors that that along with the glass windows absorb tons of natural light and air that make the inside brighter and feel cozier.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary House with Elegant Hip Roof
Another eye-catching element of this design is the wall cladding on the right wing accented by grey stacked stones with molding on the perimeter in an orange tone that delivers a striking appeal. The base around the house painted in vermillion hue creates a more dynamic character. The contrast it creates with the exposed exterior walls in white mineral plaster finish is absolutely conspicuous.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary House with Elegant Hip Roof

Design and Concepts of One Storey Contemporary House

The dynamic character of the exterior connects with the stylishness of the interior.
The verandah explodes with various types of stone elements from floor marbles, marble bench, and veneer stones in the columns that define prominence. The stainless steel guardrails add extra beauty to the space.

The entire inner space certainly blows in appeal in utilizing soft shades from the floor, walls, and ceilings. The living room will be great for family relaxation with lots of comfort penetrating through the glass panels.

The kitchen looks dynamic as well with chestnut brown floor tiles matched by grey walls and marble countertop.

The bathroom looks pleasant in a combination of brown and grey shades.

Overall, this design with a dynamic and striking appeal will look even more impressive after providing a lovely garden and landscaping.
Image Credit: 8888 Build

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