One Storey Contemporary Home with Wide Frontage

Houses do not only speak of sizes, beauty, comfort, or freedom. It’s more than how it looks or what it is made of. Of course, the cost really matters. Anyway, every house is a precious possession for homeowners. We feature this one storey contemporary home with a spacious frontage which definitely will be loved by many families.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary Home with Wide Frontage

Unquestionably, the featured house is an eye-catcher with its graceful and elegant architectural details.  A combination of white and grey hues and an accent of brown color in the elevation lends an exceptional and dynamic appeal to the house. Likewise, this design in pleasing color creates a cool and interesting exterior.
This contemporary family home is actually packed full of sleek and outstanding details. Starting with the clean rooflines that catch your eye and draw it towards the entire façade. The main entrance looks unique and stylish with an elevated porch designed with grey and brown marble tiles, a wooden entrance door, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary Home with Wide Frontage
The carport on the left-wing designed with rectangular columns and sconce lights do not only secure the structure but complements the beauty of the entire elevation. Meanwhile, the exposed exterior walls painted in tidy white paint perfectly match the grey shade that creates a fascinating atmosphere.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary Home with Wide Frontage
Moreover, this house design also blows with distinct elements like the bedroom side on the right wing designed in stilt concept, wooden wall cladding around the glass window perimeter, and the ceiling glass. That looks phenomenal.
What is incredibly impressive with this modern design is the well-designed cross gable roof assembly with grey-colored tiles, white gable, and ceilings. Obviously, the workmanship showcases refinement and class.
Picture of One Storey Contemporary Home with Wide Frontage

Interior Design of One Storey Contemporary Home

One magnificent house design, the elegance of the exterior clearly extends to the interior.
The Living Room
The concepts, assembly, and workmanship are as tidy as the outer façade. Likewise, with lots of windows, the inner space looks bright and comfortable. The entire space glares with cream marble floors and white walls and ceilings with tons of light. There is no wonder why the interior will be great for family relaxation.

The Bedroom
The graceful concept flows to the bedroom with light brown wooden tiles and white walls and ceilings. The space also overflows with comfort with lots of window glass panels surrounding the space.

The Kitchen
This kitchen is dynamic by designing it with a dark grey countertop and floor marble tiles. The cabinets in brown tone offer a striking contrast with both the floor and the walls and ceilings in cool shades.

The Bathroom
The dynamic appeal of the kitchen extends to the bathroom that bears the same concept as to color choice. With sufficient windows, the space is pleasant and comfortable.

Overall, this is one design that will stand out in any housing location.
Image Credit: Khongpaopipat Co., Ltd

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