Modern Two Storey House with Impressive Design

Do you have any plan to build your own home? Building your dream house may sound really exciting. But, have you thought about the concerns that go into building your own residence?  Actually, the decision between a one or two storey house is a very complex choice. Undoubtedly, these questions lie in your pocket. However, Lovely House Designs would like to offer a modern two storey house  plan with excellent features if it falls within your budget.
Picture of Modern Two Storey House with Impressive Design

A lot of reasons lie to select a double, rather than single storey home. Aside from providing better compartmentalization of living spaces, double-storey houses also give you a little more control over the layout of the home itself. Moreover, it’s easier to create privacy in a double-storey home than a single unit as you can have all your bedrooms located on one level and the living areas can be located on the other floor.
Picture of Modern Two Storey House with Impressive Design

Description of Modern Two Storey House with Impressive Design

The major objective of this two storey house plan is to propose a comfortable environment. The house in feature has the setting and concepts that promote green living. Consequently, it endorses the health and well-being of the family.
The following outstanding features are on offer by this model design:

  • pleasing exterior design with a tropical atmosphere
  • a terrace at the ground floor and a balcony on the upper level with square columns in grey paint
  • enormous and big-sized glass doors and glass window panels with dark grey aluminum frames which are great medium for ventilation of the interior
  • exterior wall cladding in brown color
  • exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in grey shade for the ground level and cream shade in the upper level
  • hip style roof with grey tiles and white painted ceilings
  • inviting driveway and a two-car garage
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern Two Storey House with Impressive Design

Floor Plan and House Specifications of  Modern Two Storey House

As can be seen, the structure is dominated by concrete and glass. The combination of these mediums takes pride in coming up with an elegant, stylish and unique design. The house is outstandingly overflowing with the use of enormous sizes everywhere from doors to windows offering enough air and light for ventilation of the interior.

House Specifications
The following specifications deliver the elegance of this model design:

  • open terrace and balcony
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • four bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • prayer room
  • open garage

Floor Plan
As the design is a two storey, there is sufficient space for every room in the house. The living spaces are gathered on the ground floor with one bedroom. On the other hand, the upper level occupies the private zone of three generous bedrooms. The ground level design is very smart with the living room and dining room sitting beside each other in an open planning layout on the left side of the plan. One bedroom sits on the front right, while the kitchen sits adjacent to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the upper level has three bedrooms occupying the three corners, while the bathroom sits on the back right corner. The prayer room is designed in the middle between one secondary bedroom and bathroom. Elsewhere, the inviting balcony sits comfortably at the front left corner of the design.

Indeed. this residence absolutely bursts with the architectural plan, details and assembly. Definitely, a housing choice of many homeowners because of the comfort and privacy it offers.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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