Modern Split Level House Plan in Cool Colors

There are many stunning designs of houses nowadays, but few designs remain in the limelight which is gaining popularity over time. Split level homes are one such architectural marvel that has established their status as house type. Additionally, it offers many advantages to the homeowners in terms of space utilization. Thus, if you are planning to build one, consider this modern split level house plan which shines excellently in cool colors for your choice.
Picture of Modern Split Level House Plan in Cool Colors

Because of its nature, a split level home design that consists of multiple tiers, offers privacy, space and durability which separates it from other types. Likewise, if there are problems with multiple flights of stairs, the concept of having few stairs in split level homes s of great advantage. Consequently, this is beneficial, especially for the elders. Moreover, split level homes allow the separation of spaces that offer a relaxed and informal setting. Similarly, this also permits family members to carry out different activities.

Picture of Modern Split Level House Plan in Cool Colors

Description of Modern Split Level House Plan in Cool Colors

The featured house stands in the middle of a garden lawn which obviously is promoting healthy and green living. As can be seen, the design reveals sophisticated features and intricacy. It stresses a stylish design using clean and strong contemporary lines.
The following exceptional features define the class of this split level home:

  • elevated front veranda with white painted railings, grey geometrical blinds and a flat roof
  • elevated balcony at the back of the house with railings in white paint
  • prominent pillars in grey and brown colors in the veranda
  • wall cladding with accents of natural cultured stones in grey shade
  • sliding glass doors with transom and sidelites with dark grey aluminum casements
  • glass window panels with grey aluminum frames installed in appropriate locations for ventilation purposes
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in cream paint in all elevations
  • multiple assemblies of flat roofs in grey tiles
  • inviting driveway with brown marble tiles and parking space
  • beautiful garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern Split Level House Plan in Cool Colors

Floor Plan and House Specifications

House Specifications
The following specifications compose this modern split level house plan:
The building overflows with appeal and elegance displayed by the materials used, details and assembly. Moreover, the exterior façade in cool colors delivers a high level of pleasantness. The following specifications compose this modern split level house plan:

  • veranda and balcony
  • living room
  • dining room and balcony
  • three bedrooms
  • three bathrooms
  • parking space

Floor Plan

The design is smartly zoned with the living spaces on the middle tier of the left section of the house. On the other hand, the private zone settles on the two tiers on the right side of the plan. The layout shows a free-flowing concept from the living room to the kitchen with a balcony that could serve as an informal diner as well. The first bathroom sits between the kitchen and the balcony.

The lower tier level includes the master’s bedroom with a private T&B at the back corner, while the parking space occupies the front right corner. Meanwhile, the upper tier has two secondary bedrooms on opposite corners of the design. They are separated by stairs and a common bathroom.

Overall, the entire design reveals a high level of accessibility and privacy in all tiers. Standing in this beautiful setting, living will be definitely satisfactory and comfortable.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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