Modern Chic Home Design with One Bedroom

A common question many people ask when they’re ready to get a new home is “will I buy or build one? If buying your first house is a huge milestone, then building your first home is a massive responsibility. Essentially, your house is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that this kind of project requires a smart decision. For families whose budget calls for a single storey home, this site offers a modern chic home design with one bedroom which is a good inspiration.
Picture of Modern Chic Home Design with One Bedroom

A small house might at first seem like an inferior choice, but when you consider everything, they can often make the most sensible choice. Some advantages include like cheaper to build and more affordable. Moreover, small homes need less land area because they have a smaller building footprint. Additionally, since it requires a smaller lot, then you can select a good place because smaller lots are available almost everywhere.
Picture of Modern Chic Home Design with One Bedroom

Description of Modern Chic Home Design with One Bedroom

The modern chic home design in feature is a residential house which is best for a family of three or a couple. In fact, this beautiful house design will incur a lower cost, easier maintenance and better use of space. The exterior façade looks modest but graceful in an elevated scheme bringing the house to stand a little higher. The rectangular porch with brown marble tiles brings an extra appeal with a separate shed roof with grey sheets. Simple but with a modern theme, the exterior wall bursts with pleasantness in a dynamic vermillion paint.
Picture of Modern Chic Home Design with One Bedroom
The exterior façade looks proportionately balanced between the concrete and the sufficient quantity of glass installed in proper locations. The hinged glass door and glass window panels in grey frames and white outline show a touch of modernism. The shed roof assembly also gleams in grey colored sheets which complements the tiled pathway around the perimeter of the house.

House Specifications of Modern Chic Home Design

This unique design although small did not fail to offer comfort as it is standing in the middle of an airy environment. Aside from being cozy, the entire setting is environmentally friendly which is best for the well-being of the family. Its features include the following specifications: porch, living room, dining and kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom, washing room, open parking space and garden.

Floor Plan

The layout is very simple and compact but functional. From the front porch, you will be directed to the living space in front through a glass door. The living room is sitting at the right, while the left is occupied by the combined dining room and kitchen. Meanwhile, the back section of the plan has the lone bedroom on the right corner. The bathroom on the other hand settles on the opposite corner. The parking space is on the right side of the house which is very conducive.

Indeed, for a family who wants to live simply in comfort, this house can be your most precious investment.
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