Low Budget Eco Friendly House with Simple Concepts

Single storey house plans recently have seen a resurgence in popularity. In fact, they exist in a variety of sizes and styles, from a simple cottage to a gorgeous state. Moreover, great plans of this type bring a lot of benefits like perfect for every stage of life. Consider this model pan of a low budget eco friendly house in simple concepts as your inspiration. Who knows, this might be the one for you.
Picture of Low Budget Eco Friendly House with Simple Concepts

Families of low-income budgets and with small property lots have limited chances of building a house of a bigger size. Consequently, because of financial difficulties, there is no alternative but to opt for a smaller house with less cost of course. Aside from being not too expensive, maintenance will be easier and requires a low budget as well. Additionally, a single storey house has an open floor plan where the living spaces all flow together offering more flexibility.
Picture of Low Budget Eco Friendly House with Simple Concepts

Description of Low Budget Eco Friendly House

Our model house today is a contemporary house with simple concepts which stand in a 6.0 x 6.0 meters dimension and a floor area of 36.0 m². As can be seen, because of the size, the unit stands in an elevated scheme so it would look higher, and consequently, deliver a better appeal. This is aside from the fact that it could stand strong during floods. The inclusion of a porch or terrace has always been an extra character to the house. Apparently, this model provides a simple porch with grey marble tiles. The exterior façade shines outstandingly with a hinged glass door, living space exterior wall accented with natural, cultured stones in brown color and a wall cladding in yellow paint on the right.
Picture of Low Budget Eco Friendly House with Simple Concepts
The exterior elevations are also provided with enough quantity of glass window panels in appropriate locations. This is to keep the interior ventilated with light and air. Meanwhile, the exterior wall of the other elevations looks classy in mineral plaster finish with light grey paint. Adding a taste of trend, three sections of flat roofs in grey shade provide security for the house, one each for the porch, living space and the private zone.

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Low Budget Eco Friendly House

An eco friendly small house on a garden lawn, the unit contains only the main elements of a house – porch, living room, dining and kitchen, one bedroom, one bathroom, washing area, carpark and a lovely garden.
Picture of Low Budget Eco Friendly House with Simple Concepts
Floor Plan
Simple but beautiful, this compact design has a small porch which is a perfect entrance to the house. A glass door leads to a free-flowing concept of the living spaces in an L-shaped layout with the dining room in the middle. On the other hand, the left side of the plan contains the lone bedroom in the front corner. The bathroom occupies the opposite corner. The front space with brown marble tiles in front of the house is serving as the parking space.

Indeed, with an inviting atmosphere, the comfort that this house brings matters more than the size of the unit.
Credit to: SamPhoas

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