How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good

Do you want a nice smelling bathroom? Of course, everybody will like it. The bathroom is likely the one room in your house that smells pretty rough. Smells in the bathroom come for a good reason, something that we prefer not to discuss. However, the bodily functions that we use the bathroom for, are really disgusting and smelly.  The problem is that you can’t just stop going to the bathroom – everyone has to go! With your busy schedules, cleaning the bathroom every day isn’t usually a possibility. Therefore, there has to be some measures to take on how to make your bathroom smell good at all times.

Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good

Bathrooms are usually not the type of rooms that would naturally smell good for obvious reasons. Cleaning the bathroom is really hard and it takes a lot of time especially if you’re looking into every corner and cranny. In fact, this is one task that most people doesn’t want to do. You need to motivate yourself and work a little bit to get it smell nice and fresh. If it smells unpleasant, then it could be from a number of things. It could be an old shower curtain or floor mat, something plugging the sink and a lot more. Whatever the reason is, it’s definitely very embarrassing to have such odors, especially when you have people over.
There are several ways on how to make your bathroom smell good without breaking the bank. Reaching for an air freshener is an easy solution, but the spray can cause respiratory irritation to sensitive individuals. Moreover, these are only good for a nice smell that masks the odors, but they don’t have the ability to completely get rid of them. Another way is to use an odor neutralizing product. Before using the toilet, add a drop of deodorizer and it will stop the smell even before it spreads.
Anyway, here are some tips that might help to freshen up your bathroom on a regular basis using some ingredients.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is known to be effective in absorbing smell. Prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of baking soda, 2 cups of water and one table spoon of vinegar. For an added scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice like lavender or lemon grass. Put the mixture in a spray bottle where you can use anytime as needed. You may also keep a bowl of baking soda in a dry place to absorb the smell. It is suggested to replace the baking soda every month to make sure that is stays fresh.

2. Lemons 

Lemons are also effective in getting rid of unpleasant odors. Prepare and place a plate of lemon slices in your bathroom. Lemons are great in neutralizing odors and will even leave the space nice and fresh for a certain period of time. Replace with a new one once a week or as necessary.

3. Vodka 

Vodka comes in useful terms as well in getting rid of odor. This classic liquor is not a common ingredient but is proven to be very useful ingredient in a lot of homemade air fresheners’ recipes. Prepare a mixture of three parts water to one part vodka and 8 to 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Use it handy in a spray bottle.

4. Essential Oils

Even if scents offer temporary fresh smell, they are common medium of air freshening used everywhere and every space of the house. Essential oils like lavender and lemongrass are great in masking bathroom odors. Set a diffuser on an open shelf, and warm a few drops of oil for a couple of minutes.
If you don’t have a diffuser, just dab a few cotton balls with some essential oil and leave them inside an empty toilet roll in your bathroom. Replace the scented cotton balls every week.
Generally, there are inevitable times your bathroom might smell awful. But, keeping the bathroom smells good makes it a healthy space, will appear cleaner and more attractive.

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