Graceful Modern Bungalow House in a Cozy Atmosphere

In this modern age, bungalows have stamped their authority as the sought-after houses everywhere because of the unique advantages over multi-storey houses. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying or building a new home, you should seriously consider bungalow living. You may consider this graceful modern bungalow house with lots of comfort with brimming landscaping.
Modest yet striking, simple yet attractive, this lovely modern home plan combines the smart features of a house. With a distinctly modern style, this 106.0 sq. meters plan has an exceptional facade but isn’t overbearing. Actually, the subtle touches of metal, bricks and, glass give this plan a universal appeal that everyone will appreciate.

Description of Graceful Modern Bungalow House

This simple three-bedroom house plan has a modern touch with a graceful external architectural design.  A house in a fusion of white, grey and, brown hues create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
Your family will love the features of this house starting from the terrace with grey floor tiles and, steel guardrails. Additionally, you’ll be struck with the drama and, class of pillars with accents of brown-colored natural stacked stones. In fact, the pillars along with the extended hip roof not only secure but also beautify the structure.
Picture of Graceful Modern Bungalow House in a Cozy Atmosphere

Meanwhile, the wall cladding with brown-colored bricks delivers a contrasting appeal considering the exterior façade in white and grey shades. The façade looks very tidy and, refined by how the walls are treated with mineral plaster in white and grey finishes.
Perhaps one of the most significant elements of this design is the elegant cross hip roof with grey tegula tiles in refined workmanship. The result is a graceful roof that blows remarkably.
The perfect home for any location, the cutting-edge modern design is both unique and, functional. The spacious frontage floods the interior with tons of natural light and air that makes the inner space feel cozier. Likewise, there are glass doors and, window panels allowing cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Graceful Modern Bungalow House

With spacious outdoor relaxation areas, this bungalow house plan has a floor area of 106.0 sq. meters. This usable space hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and, two bathrooms. The rooms are arranged in a straightforward layout so the space is utilized more efficiently.
From the terrace, the sliding doors open the place to its indoor space. The living room welcomes you first with enough comfort that floods from the surroundings. The living spaces sit comfortably on the right section of the plan. On the other hand, the left portion hosts the private zone, with three bedrooms. The master suite settles on the front corner, while the secondary bedrooms are sitting side by side at the back beside the kitchen. This is one design that promotes better mobility and accessibility.

Overall, the lovely lush landscaping around the house provides shade and comfort for healthy green living.
Image Credit: Ezy Design and Construction

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