Gorgeous Modern House with Excellent Charisma

Contemporary homes still hold the status as the most sought-after residences of the present era. Obviously, it is because of their styles that cater all ages plus the benefits they offer. We feature this gorgeous modern house with an excellent charisma and outstanding characteristics. Actually, this house can be a perfect fixture for urban and city life, but it can also be a vacation house in a rural community or a resort house in a beach front.
Picture of Gorgeous Modern House with Excellent Charisma

Description of Gorgeous Modern House with Excellent Charisma

The design is not so big in a floor area of 87.0 sq, meters. Anyway, you can embrace the expressions of this contemporary house plan while it stands charming and elegant. The yellow accent greatly enhances the character of the white-dominated exterior. Additionally. The blend of white and yellow though brings in a pleasant and striking façade.
You can count yourself lucky to discover this outstanding modern view home with a stunning elevated terrace that leads you to the front door.  The space is designed with grey floor tiles, steel guardrails, yellow battens, and a flat roof that don’t only secure but also beautify the structure. The exterior wall on the right wing in yellow tone paint creates a striking contrast to the white concept.
Picture of Gorgeous Modern House with Excellent Charisma
The graceful shed roof styling of this design offers not only exterior good looks but interior beauty as well. Particularly, one of the remarkable highlights of this single level house is the graceful shed roof assembly sloping to the rear with grey sheets. The prominence of the roof is heightened by white ceilings, brown gable, and an accent of yellow wooden laths.
As you will observe, this home will be perfect in any location. In fact, this modern design is both gorgeous and, functional with beautiful aesthetics and comfort. The spacious frontage floods the interior with tons of natural light and air that makes the space cozier. Likewise, there are glass doors and, window panels allowing cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Gorgeous Modern House with Excellent Charisma

This contemporary style house design stands in a lot that measures 10.3 x 97.5.0 meters.  The usable building space of approximately 87.0 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a service area.
The terrace at the center of the front elevation is a great entrance to the living room through glass doors.  The living spaces occupy the right side of the plan with the living room and dining rooms sitting at the center of the layout. The kitchen and service area settle at the right of the living room. On the other hand, the left section hosts the two bedrooms with the master suite sitting on the front corner. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom sits at the back of the floor layout.

Meanwhile, the outdoor living space is inviting and pleasant. The table and chairs offer the house more functions. This space can serve as an informal diner and coffee break which is also usable for entertaining friends and guests.
Overall, this design fared well in aesthetics and comfort at the same time.
Image Credit: Ezy Design and Construction

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