Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas – Dos & Don’ts

Feng shui is a philosophy of the practice of checking if our living spaces and working environment balance with the natural world. Actually, living in a world where everything is bustling and rustling is downright exhausting, for our bodies and spirits as well. There are times that we feel heavy and restless after waking up in the morning. If you’re experiencing this, then doing a little evaluation might help. Consider these Feng Shui bedroom ideas in checking your room.
In Feng Shui philosophy, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where you spend most of your time, especially for sleeping and relaxation. Therefore, it suggests that you’re in a more passive state when sleeping, and thus you’re really affected by all the energies in the bedroom. Feng Shui is an intricate art form that requires the right placement of objects inside infrastructures like houses and offices to invite good fortune, excellent health, and enduring happiness.

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom, being the beginning and the end of each day should be well equipped with this “positive energy”. Consider these Feng Shui bedroom ideas in checking your bedroom. Everything about the bed has relevance to Feng shui.

  1. In With The Headboards And Out With The Footboards

Headboards are regarded as good Feng Shui because it provides strength and support. Big and sturdy is how it should be. It is also important to keep in mind that solid, wooden boards are best. Footboards, on the other hand, are not that good. They bring negative energy as they hamper progress in life. However, this doesn’t hold for a small bedroom. If your room is too small and you can’t avoid facing feet-first towards the door, having a footboard is considered good Feng Shui.

  1. Built-In Storage Drawers Under The Bed Are Also A Big In Feng Shui.

Qi should be free-flowing, both above and under the bed. There should be ample space separating the bed from the floor in order to achieve a better flow of energy.

  1. The Mattress Must Not be Second Hand

This is one, if not the only, thing inside your bedroom that must be new. A second-hand mattress usually has an embedded Qi in them, good or bad, from the previous owner so it may be best to get rid of them.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Bedroom Decorating For Feng Shui.

To change the current energy in the bedroom, there are several things to consider. This includes the furniture, colors, and positioning which should be considered when decorating a room. Take the below Feng Shui bedroom decorating ideas and tips.
Bed Position In Feng Shui
4. Positioning of the bed on Feng Shui is very significant. Do not align it with all doors including the bathroom and terrace doors. Place your bed as far away from the door as possible. Ideally, the position is against one corner wall in the room. Position it in a way that you can still see the door when you climb up the bed. This way will allow you to avoid startling situations and gives you a sense of preparedness.
5. Speaking of the footboard for small rooms, you will need it when you have no choice. But culture regards this kind of sleeping position as the “Death Position” because dead people are usually exited the room feet-first. Consequently, they believe in Feng Shui that this kind of position drains the life force. It’s better to creatively put some sort of barricade or buffer to avoid this kind of energy flowing into your room.

Bedroom Colors In Feng Shui

6. In Feng shui, colors are very significant in terms of stimulating spiritual energy. Considering the bedroom as a place of healing and relaxation, it is important to note that dark colors can make you feel very uneasy during sleep. In fact, it would be difficult to tell what time of the day it is if the interior is too dark. You may use warm, earthly colors like peach, cream, soft browns, and pink because they will help create a more conducive atmosphere. Wild colors like red and orange are great to use as an accenting color to cultivate a romantic vibe but do not overuse as they are too stimulating for the eyes. You will feel restless and tense instead.

Decorations With Water Features

7. If you’re running a business or looking for promotion before the year ends, avoid decorations with water features like an aquarium or a pet fish. It might in turn invite negative financial energy and may lead to loss of finances.

Keep The Bedroom Tidy

8. Clutter, with or without Feng Shui is definitely an eyesore. Clean your room no matter how busy you are. Untidy rooms will just make us feel sick and tired. In everything we do, the lesser the better. This allows the flow of energy to freely circulate around us without unnecessary hindrances.

Clean Out Storage

9. Practice room and cabinet maintenance. Check which stuffs are still necessary and which are not. More importantly, get rid of anything that may remind you of a bad or painful experience in the past. They may already contain bad Qi and invite negativity in your life – which you absolutely don’t need. Get rid of them.

Bedroom Mirrors In Feng Shui

10. Like light and sound, energy bounces of reflective objects. So make sure not to have a mirror near you when you sleep – especially not in front, above, or beside the bed. Mirrors are said to magnify problems and worries in Feng Shui.
11. Lastly, make sure to use the room solely for the purpose of rest. It is not healthy to bring work or entertainment inside. The television, laptop, and your work desk can have their own separate part of the house but not the bedroom. In case of the absence of another free room, and you really need to combine your bedroom and workspace, just make sure to cover it up before you go to bed. And, remember, always maintain soft lighting fixtures.
Challenge for you – you might want to look around your bedroom for a little bit and see if some of these Feng Shui bedroom ideas might already be in place.  Please remember, “Nothing beats a hard day’s work than a good night’s sleep”. Feng shui your worries away!

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