Factors in Buying the Best Hotel Quality Comforter

Undoubtedly, a down comforter is a piece of resistance of any comfortable bed. Aside from bringing an old world appeal to modern day beds, they also make chilly nights something to look forward to. Similarly, they offer you a quality sleep and a pleasant atmosphere. In buying this stuff, please consider few important factors in buying the best hotel quality comforter.
Down comforters are progressively becoming popular alternatives to blankets and duvets. This is because of their practicality and heavenly comfort. Nevertheless with some available options, choosing the perfect hotel style down comforter is quite challenging. In choosing the best hotel quality comforter, do not stick to the rules of mattress dimensions. In fact, down comforters are sized to fit all types of beds – twins, doubles, queen and kings. You can also grab a down comforter that’s one size larger than your mattress size for some reasons.

Outstanding Features to Consider in Buying the Best Hotel Quality Comforter

When you visit a hotel, the luxurious bed linens, sheets, pillows, and down comforters will welcome you. Well, it is not difficult to have the same super soft, plush, and silky hotel style luxury and comfort in your home. Why? Their stuffs comes from the same retailers we have. What you have to do is to identify the factors in choosing the best hotel quality comforter you find in classy hotels.

1. Choose a Comforter with at Least 500 Fill Power – For Goose Down Comforters

Generally, the rule of thumb is always to go higher because the higher the fill power the higher the quality of the comforter. A higher fill power in a comforter will give you a lighter and fluffier comforter for a certain level of warmth. However, take note that a comforter with a fill power over 650 in the summer may be too hot while the same 650 and over will be fine for winter.

2. Get a Baffled Down Comforter

Comforters whether alternative or goose/duck feather, can be assembled using different designs. The design includes baffle box, gusset and box stitch design. However, baffle box is one of the most common assembly types and the best design that you should choose. Baffles resemble channels or boxes and these ensure the down filling is evenly distributed. This is to allow the down to expand to its maximum loft for optimal warmth. This kind of assembly prevents the down from shifting so that, the down is evenly distributed.

3. Get a Comforter with a Thread Count of at Least 300

A comforter with a higher thread count has a better quality. This is because a higher thread count comforter feels silkier and softer on the skin. The problem is that presently, the market floods with falsely labeled high thread count bed linens. Furthermore, threads can easily be manipulated to attain higher counts. Therefore, you might be buying an under specifications comforter without knowing it. However, you could still go for a comforter with a minimum thread count of 300. With a feather comforter made of goose or duck, the higher count, the better.
It is great to know that the thread count affects the silkiness and softness of the comforter. Additionally, the type of material and weaving are factors to consider as well.

4. Choose a Comforter with a High Quality Shell Cover

While the down filling determines the fluffiness and quality of the comforter, the outer shell contributes to the level of coziness the comforter brings. Moreover, in choosing comforters, also consider your ability to breathe while using it. Breathable fabrics allow free airflow within the bed. This in turn dissipates excess heat produced by your body for a cooler feeling, instead of trapping the heat within which results in overheating and excessive sweating.
The best cotton shell covers for comforters are woven from extra-long staple fibers. These fibers create lightweight bed lines that are more breathable with superior quality than ordinary bed linens. An example of this is the 100% Supima cotton sheets and authentic Egyptian cotton sheets. When you shop for the best hotel quality comforter, consider the outer shell material, with 100% cotton and bamboo materials. They are the hot selling stuffs with superior quality and breathability.

5. Pick a Tightly Woven Comforter Shell Cover

The features that identify the overall quality of a down comforter includes the weaving type for outer shell, fiber or materials used and thread count. Some types of weaving include sateen weave and percale for cotton or sateen and twirl weaving for bamboo shells. They will define the level of softness and smoothness to the skin, durability and overall look.
Alert: Check the size to avoid unimagined consequence.

Finally, to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your hotel quality down comforter, apply proper care and maintenance. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as to use and washing. If you want to have the best hotel quality comforter, the above pointers will guide you to own one.

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