Contemporary House Design with Trendy Exterior Concepts

It is cheaper to build flat. Building a single storey home requires fewer materials than one with additional floors. Moreover, labor costs and professional fees are also cheaper for one-level homes. Additionally, single storey house like this featured contemporary house design is more efficient with regards to space and time. In fact, stairs take up valuable space from the total area of the house. Ultimately, there is a shorter time frame when constructing one because less work has to be put into the project.
Picture of Contemporary House Design with Trendy Exterior Concepts

Contemporary designs are the current trends in housing nowadays. In fact, in these designs, space is hard to achieve and expensive so maximizing every inch is of vibrant importance. Smart utilization of space while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections are at the heart of this trendy home design. The layout shows visibly how the areas are used wisely creating a more functional design.
Picture of Contemporary House Design with Trendy Exterior Concepts

Description of Contemporary House Design with Trendy Exterior Concepts

The features of this contemporary house are defined by how the exteriors concepts are established. As can be seen, the materials used, assembly and fixation create an elegant and refined exterior façade.
Picture of Contemporary House Design with Trendy Exterior Concepts
Consequently, the unit stands with pride with the following characteristics:

  • elevated open verandah with grey marble tiles
  • big and sufficient quantity of glass (doors, sidelites and windows) creating comfortable exterior and interior sections
  • exterior wall cladding with accents of natural stones in brown color
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in grey shade in all elevations, as well as bottom highlights in dark brown tone
  • prominent cross hip roof assembly with dark grey tiles
  • inviting driveway and parking space with grey colored tiles
  • spacious and lovely garden and landscaping, that can serve as space for family gatherings, entertainment or informal dining and quick meals

House Specifications

A contemporary elegant residence with limited area, the plan consists of only the integral elements of a house as detailed below:

  • verandah
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • parking space

Floor Plan

A compact but functional design, the living spaces settle at the right portion, while the private zone occupies the left part of the plan. The spacious verandah looks very comfortable as it leads to the living room through sliding glass doors. The dining room and kitchen sit on opposite sides of the living room, each separated by a partition. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom owns a private bathroom, while the second unit is laid out beside the kitchen. Elsewhere, the open parking space owns a spacious area on the right of the property lot.

Overall, the model house that gleams in a blend of grey and brown colors looks cool and pleasant. The use of big sizes of glass turns the unit into a shelter of complete comfort which is very healthy.
Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu

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