Common Living Room Decorating Space That You Should Avoid

A living room is not only a receiving area for the family, it is also a spot to relax, to cap off the day or even to socialize with the other members of the family.
This is why having a relaxing and well-designed living room is important. Incorporating interior design to your receiving area and adding little details can make the room perfect. Like a well-directed show or movie, a well-decorated room is engaging, safe, and impressive.

If you are decorating your living room for the first time, take some time to know the tips and tricks of decorating.
Here are some of the decorating mistakes that others made that you should avoid.

Avoid The Wrong Sofa

A good receiving area starts with a good sofa.
A good sofa is the key to comfort. It is the center piece to make the feels and looks of an area.
When buying a sofa set, make sure that you pay attention to the seat heat. A low seat may be hard to get in and get out of. Before you make a purchase, make sure to draw up a furniture plan first too.
Buying other decorations, like a side table or accessories, may be great, but buying a sofa on impulse can be a very costly mistake.

Making The Room Look Like A Showroom

Showrooms may be very pleasing to look at, but when it comes to your living rooms, this look is something that you should avoid.
Avoid buying all the pieces that you can see from a show room. Mix and match some new and vintage elements to create an individualized room. Vintage furnitures make the room pop up when you pair them with modern upholstery.

Getting A Rug That Is Too Small

One of the most common mistakes home owners make when decorating their receiving area is using a poorly sized rug. Instead of using the correct size, a lot of people are using small rugs for their homes due to its cute size, and of course, the costs.
Huge rugs can be very expensive. However, it is one of the most important aspects of a room.
A decent sized living room needs at least an 8 by 10 foot rug. Stay away from using the big ones and leave it to your kitchen, bed or entrance.

Forgetting To Measure

This is one of the most common mistakes even experienced home owners make: Forgetting to measure the distance and height of the furniture.
Whenever you are mixing vintage and new elements, make sure to measure the furniture heights. Most traditional pieces are higher and wider than modern furniture, so it’s better for you to measure them.

Hanging Art Incorrectly

Having an art the wrong way may rip off the concept of the room. It may not totally ruin the design, but it can be very distracting.
You don’t need to hang the artwork at an eye level. If the ceilings are really low and you are not very tall, try this: Cut up the walls vertically into four sections, from bottom to up, then place the art in the third quadrant, by counting from the floor up.

Overlooking Smaller Items

To avoid the feeling that you are in a show room or in a store, leave adequate room in the living area for textiles, lighting equipment, and accessories.
Small pieces are the ones that add personality. Instead of using overhead lights, use low lighting instead. You can also use table lamps or floor lamps that add more characteristics to a living room.

Choosing A Disproprieriate Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a must, especially if you love spending time in your living room.
When choosing a coffee table, consider your lifestyle and its functionality in mind. Make sure to check the height, length, and even the materials used, to ensure that the coffee table sings in harmony with the recreational area.

Hang The Curtains Properly

Curtain rods that are hanging above the window may close the space, especially if the area is not well-lighted.
Hang the rod half a foot above the window frame instead. Doing this will give the room a feeling of openness and well-lightedness.

Lining The Furnitures On The Walls

Another common layout mistake a lot of people are making is lining up all their furnitures on the walls.
Why don’t you try and float your accent chairs or sofas close to the center of the room? This will balance out the layout and might make the space more homey and spacious.
The living room of your dreams is not out of reach, if you consider these decorating tips in mind.

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