Carpeting for the Kitchen: Pros and Cons

Presently, kitchens are not simply cooking spaces and centerpiece for food. It embraces the reputation of being a place for social functions for the family and guests. Therefore, it is reasonable to make the room a beautiful and functional kitchen, to get the most benefits. Making it beautiful suggests filling the space with presentable furniture and accessories to promote pleasantness. If we do the carpeting for the kitchen, do you think the idea will add value and beauty to it?
The principal function of a kitchen is for culinary activities, but it progressively serves as one of the main entertaining spaces of a home. A designer’s kitchen simply means elegant. In fact, it is not only the design that creates a beautiful room but balance and appropriateness as well. Carpets are common stuff in almost all rooms of the house, but to extend the activity of carpeting for the kitchen is something strange. In fact, I have never heard of it as a part of the building design specifications. But, Lahore Smart City has not taken its attention off of any minor or major details in its Villas. Contemporary-style kitchens and bedrooms are completely designed to suit your lavish taste in living in the most luxurious housing scheme. If you want to live and invest in a residential venture of the 21st century, then LSC must be your first choice.

Let us see if the carpet works in the kitchen. Is it an added value or destruction?

Pros and Cons of Carpeting for the Kitchen
Carpeting for the Kitchen – PROS

1. A carpet is soft and offers safety and protection, whether it’s against low temperatures or accidents. Suppose you drop a glass on a floor, it will most likely break. But, the carpet saves you the trouble of replacing it. Likewise, there will be no clutter of shards of glass that might cause accidents.
2. A carpet on the kitchen floor will also make the room feel more inviting and warm. Modern designs have the carpet common stuff almost on all rooms of the house. Being a space for entertaining guests, a carpet in the kitchen is a welcome plus.
3. Having a carpet in your kitchen would reduce the noise in the area. It’s applicable especially when you spend most of your time cooking and preparing food. It’s quieter to walk around and can reduce the sound from the air. The carpet’s soft surface acts as a sound absorber which dampens the sound when you’re busy in the kitchen.
4. Walking on a soft surface feels cozy than hardwood or tile. Households agree that having a carpet can make your kitchen more comfortable and warm. Also, it can improve productivity inside the kitchen as you feel comfortable with the area. Additionally, it takes off some of the pressure on your feet by just walking on a soft surface.

Carpeting for the Kitchen – CONS

1. Definitely, carpets are much more difficult to clean than tiles or concrete. Because of heavy traffic, they get greasy, worn, and torn which offers your kitchen a less tidy and fresh look. Cleaning carpets is time-consuming and thus, wastes time and effort.
2. Spending more time in the kitchen means walking on the carpet for a longer time as well. More likely, the life span of carpets will be minimal as it will get dirty often. Replacement of worn carpets defines expenses and frequent maintenance.
3. Carpets and rugs are slippery as they slide around. The kitchen is a busy space, the frequent you move, the frequency you will be in contact with the carpet. Consequently, the probability of facing accidents is high.
4. Smelly? Yes. The carpets will pick up the unpleasant odors of everything in the kitchen whether foods or activities. Regular cleaning can help, but spills and drips in the rug’s fibers can lead to embedded odors over time. Therefore, it’s not pleasing anymore.
Rugs and carpets are important not only inside your kitchen but in almost every room of the entire house. There are benefits you can get when having a carpet or rug inside your kitchen; as there are disadvantages as well.  The points listed above are just a few of them for your reference. It’s your privilege to decide whether you will use a carpet or rug in the kitchen.

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