Beautiful One Storey House in Comforting Colors

Multi-level house designs can be quite constricting for people with issues with mobility.  But with bungalow house designs, the layout can be more accommodating to eliminate most of these issues. With this beautiful one storey house plan, having all rooms on one level, moving between rooms will be a lot easier.
Great description doesn’t give justice to the rich layered livability and beauty of this modern view home design. The soft colors of creamy white and grey with an accent of brown offers a comforting atmosphere and lend the elevation class and style.
Picture of Beautiful One Storey House Plan in Comforting Colors

Features of Beautiful One Storey House in Comforting Colors

Unquestionably, this design which is both unique and functional is best for an urban community.  Visibly, this house design blows confidently with its stunning exterior concepts. Starting with a gorgeous L-shaped verandah with brown wooden tiles, it’s the perfect entry to access the inner spaces. Similarly, what is astonishing with the verandah are the concepts that come together to create an impressive space.
Picture of Beautiful One Storey House Plan in Comforting Colors
It looks amazing with:

  • brown wooden floor tiles (marble tile will do good as well)
  • wall cladding with accents of natural cultured stones in dark brown shade
  • architecturally designed curved concrete seating
  • square columns and flat roof supporting the structure
  • beamed ceiling with lights for illumination at night time

Equally, inviting space offers the family a great space for relaxation and informal diner.
Picture of Beautiful One Storey House Plan in Comforting Colors
You’ll be struck with the style and class of this modern prairie home. It also features a circular window embellished with natural wood on the background. Isn’t it unique and magnificent?
Picture of Beautiful One Storey House Plan in Comforting Colors
Perhaps another excellent trademark of this house is the combination of flat and hip roofs and white ceilings that throws a graceful appeal. Its clean assembly and workmanship generate an elegant structure.
Picture of Beautiful One Storey House Plan in Comforting Colors
Remarkably, this design provides sufficient glass panels in brown frames that absorb and transmit tons of natural air and light to the inside to make it at a pleasant level. Similarly, the interior looks brighter and feels cozier with volumes of light and air coming in.

Additionally, the clean and refined workmanship on the elevations offers not only exterior good looks but brilliantly designed interior as well. As can be seen, the sharp contemporary rooflines are incredibly elegant. Likewise, the exposed exterior walls explode excellently with a mineral plaster finish in a tidy creamy white shade.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Beautiful One Storey House in Comforting Colors

You discover a house of comfort in a functional layout in a 128.0 sq. meter lot. The usable space hosts a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. With a free-flowing concept, the level of mobility is well-defined.
This house plan is full of unique and amazing features. You will enjoy a full stop at the gorgeous verandah, enjoy the space and then drive to the inner space through glass doors. Once inside, you will notice the great living room with lots of comfort. Move your eyes around and you’ll notice the living spaces occupying the middle and left section of the plan. The living room gives access of the dining and kitchen in its immediate right. On the other hand, the right and back sections host the three bedrooms; the master suite in the front corner, and the secondary bedrooms at the back.

The spacious outdoor living space with a welcoming garden and lush landscaping have complete comfort to offer. Similarly, the spacious frontage is a great space for relaxation and other social functions.
Hope you like this design.
Image Credit: Naibann

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