Architectural Design Concept of a Contemporary Residence

Contemporary homes prove to be the in-demand choices of most designers and homebuyers. The reason is clear because of their benefits and being more functional with open layouts.  Similarly, their designs are simple yet effective, functional yet flexible, and are open for customization according to specific needs and want. Of course, with a bigger space, the more chances are there in customizing the design. An example is this contemporary residence whose architectural design concept is truly impressive.
Everybody would love this modern home design that oozes appeal with contemporary exterior concepts. It showcases elegant exterior elements, sharp, clean lines, a combination of the shed and flat rooflines. Utilizing soft colors of white and grey with a yellow accent, the blend creates a splendid façade and pleasant atmosphere.
Picture of Architectural Design Concept of a Contemporary Residence

Features of Modern Style House Plan with Graceful Exterior

Feast your eyes with the incredible styling that goes with this modern home plan fit for a large family. There are a lot of reasons why this house will turn heads up. See for yourself the intricate exterior design as well as the spacious interior layout of this design.
This design is definitely a perfect house that will fit in any housing location. As can be seen, this modern design is both unique and, functional with its architectural concepts. The spacious frontage bathes the inner spaces with tons of natural light and air that brings the interior to feel cozier. Equally, the glass doors and window panels allow cross ventilation to keep the inside at a pleasant level.
Count yourself lucky to have discovered this outstanding modern view home plan with superb exterior façade. The versatile fusion of white and grey tones in the exposed exterior walls with tidy and refined workmanship is really graceful and elegant.
Undoubtedly, the most remarkable element of this design is the unique and stylish combination 0f a flat roof and multiple assemblies of shed roofs. From the grey roofing materials and grey gable to an average pitch slope and sharp rooflines, the assembly is incredibly stunning.  With simple battens in yellow color, the aesthetics go beyond description.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Modern Style House Plan with Graceful Exterior

This design stands in 196.0 sq. meters, thus, the comfort in every room will not be an issue. The floor area spreads to a terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and four terraces. The carport may utilize the open spaces around the house.
So much can be said about this modern house plan perfectly suited to a class ‘A’ housing location. A beautiful courtyard leads to the gorgeous terrace to access the inner space. Design with an open concept, it promotes better mobility.  The living spaces in a rectangular arrangement occupy the middle part of the plan. On the other hand, the bedrooms border the great living room, the master suite at the right, and the three secondary bedrooms on the left section. There are three attached bathrooms for three bedrooms and one unit that serves the entire family.

Unquestionably, the level of comfort of this house is at a high level on both sides. Aside from the natural light and air that the glass windows offer, the sizes of the rooms are likewise sources of coziness. Furthermore, there are four terraces that make this house even more pleasant. Meanwhile, the external is equally tranquil with great landscaping.
Indeed, this house design really blows with a stunning architectural design concept.
Image Credit: Ezy Design and Construction

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